How much will your education cost you?

  1. The school I was 'wait listed' for is $30k for my ASN.

    The school that accepted me is @ $18k for my ASN.

    My first choice (who I have no heard from yet) is at the local community college that I've attended for the last 2 years and it will run me somewhere around $10k max! I'm SO hoping to get in here.

    The other 2 schools I could care less about. i think one is around $11k for an ASN and the other is in the mid 20's.
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  3. by   roxxy3773
    I only applied to the community colleges, I have heard about $14,000 with books and fees and all that, but I still have a few classes that I will have to take besides the nursing classes so I think it would be a little less otherwise. I would like to take some of those classes now to help me out later if I get in, but it just won't work for me with my work schedule. So I will suffer later and just be super busy, oh well, you have to do what you have to do
  4. by   Epona
    I am going to a private college for my BSN. When all is said and done for tuition and living expenses, probably $80,000.
  5. by   Asherah
    The UCLA direct-entry 2-yr MSN program I've applied to will total approximately $27K in tuition (CA resident, it's quite expensive if you're coming from outside of CA), and I haven't decided if I'm going to live up there for one or both years. The housing will cost me about $11K/year if I do.
  6. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think mine will run about $5000 - 6000 since I already have a bachelor's and most of the coreqs/prereqs done for my ASN program.....

    But if I factor in the salary I gave up working full-time to be out of the workforce for 2+ plus to do this, it's VERY painful to think about....
  7. by   edgwow
    I went RN-BSN, 16 mos Full time and $21,000 in debt. Finishing up now. YIKES!!!!!!!!
  8. by   violingirl
    $5000 for the ADN program. $10,000 for the Diploma program. Not sure which one I'm going to yet...
  9. by   edgwow
    I want to go where you go, 10,00o for a diploma program? I lived in Philadelphia and paid 13,000 20 years ago.
  10. by   justme1972
    I think when I am done with everything we'll end up paying about $8,000 for everything. That includes all of my pre-reqs.

    We have a dividend check from stocks that come in mid-summer, and we are using our income-tax refund for the rest. The school has a no-cost program where we can break it up into payments over the semester, so if we are short, we can put it on a credit card (low-interest), and by the time we get a large check, most of it is paid off.
  11. by   NurseJeanB
    I am hoping to get into a BSN program which I am told is 2.5 to 3 years. The tuition will be around 8000 but will not include books and supplies. Then there is the fact that I will need to quit work. That is going to hard as I have worked over 20 years at my job. I did save enough for tuition in a 529 but I guess I will need to take out loans to cover the rest.
  12. by   paulaking1978
    For ADN probably around 10 g's couting books....But I want to go on to get my BSN....So probably another 8g's or so for that.....I am going to try and do a Government nurse Repayment plan.....I have read some about it on the a nut shell, if you work at certain places...such as a rural setting, state funded hosp, federal funded hosp, and a bunch of other criteria, they will pay back 60% of student loan, for the first 2 years, and then you can apply for a third year and they can pay up to 25% that year. I thought it might be worth looking into towards the end of my college career....I have stafford loans .... plus I had contemplated about trying to get on at a VA Hospital.
  13. by   luckylucyrn
    I already had a Bachelors degree in something else, with my student loans around $15,000. BUT for nursing school i only paid out of pocket for the first semester ($2700), then my hospital paid for the rest, roughly $10,000. I did student loans to pay for my apartment and expenses, about $10,000. BUT I get $9000 from my hospital over the next 3 years for Student Loan Payback, so all in all, I have my student loans from the first degree, plus $3700 that my nursing education has cost me. I love nursing! I went to a public four-year University for Nursing school.
  14. by   medchick
    Between 2 school ( had to move halfway through due to hubby military commitment) cost about 40,000. Started in a private university and moved to public.