How many class are you taking?

  1. MOMS:Any mom out there, how many class are you taking?

    Im kinda feeling crappy, this is my second semester and I'm feel overwhelmed with two classes.

    Any any advice
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  3. by   Jedanemi18
    Don't !Mom of 3 here. I am taking Chemistry and Anatomy and I feel overwhelmed all the time.I feel like I am not Learning anything, I am just learning how to get by .......
  4. by   Etak
    Hi! I have 5 kids (age 10 and under) and how many classes I've taken per semester has depended on the class. For example, I'm only taking one class per semester while I take anatomy, physio, and micro.

    I have taken more in the past though with easier classes, usually two classes per, or there was one where it was 3; Chemistry, Stats, and human development.

    First, I can say I hit walls where my motivation is just depleted and it's such a struggle to force myself to keep going. Power through though, because that is always just a phase. I always get a second wind after making a breakthrough I never thought I'd be able to conquer.

    Its a balance. It's tough and there are sacrifices. But it can be done! I generally find being a student easier than parenting, but being a student at the end of a day of parenting can be exhausting. Keep at it though! You started out on this path for a reason and it is so hard to see the forest through the trees, especially mid semester. But instead of looking at the finish line, sometimes just look at the step right in front of you that you need to take next. Then repeat.
  5. by   Kotylynne
    Hey fellow mom!!
    Do not feel bad. I have been doing two SOMETIMES ONE at a time. And I'm almost there. 3 left, but when were the ones everyone else relies on that's how it is sometimes. The first semester for me was the hardest to adjust and get acclimated to when was the best time to actually sit down and get things done. It's hardly ever when I WANT to but that's okay.
  6. by   Kotylynne
    I also wanted to add don't be afraid to try again for the classes that really matter.
    My first round of A&P I made it but not good enough. It took the second time through to figure out how to actually retain the information.
  7. by   Xausome
    I'm a mom of twin 4-year-olds, and I'm taking 4 classes this semester: Chemistry, A&P1, Developmental Psychology, and Microbiology. Do I recommend this? No, I do not.

    Good luck to all you moms out there!
  8. by   LubbDubb77
    I am a mom! It's tough but I totally back what another poster said. Take it one day at a time. One exam at a time. Breathe, you will get through it and don't feel bad about having to retake classes if need be. I personally was consistent about a strict bedtime and studying for a couple hours everynight. Get a good nights rest, or try to. You can do it! Keep a positive mind!

    Wish you all the best !!