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  1. Jedanemi18

    where can I buy worksheets?

    Awesome ,thank you guys so much !
  2. Jedanemi18

    FTCC Clarification

    I think the Math requireremts have been changed, you should go and get your Student education plan and they will let you know exactly what pre-reqs you will need.
  3. Jedanemi18

    How many class are you taking?

    Don't !Mom of 3 here. I am taking Chemistry and Anatomy and I feel overwhelmed all the time.I feel like I am not Learning anything, I am just learning how to get by .......
  4. Jedanemi18

    HESI A2 , best book to prepare ?

    Hi guys I am i my last stretch to apply for the program and will be taking the Hesi in january, what is the best book you guys can recommend ? thank you jedanemi
  5. Jedanemi18

    where can I buy worksheets?

    Hi I am currently working thru my Anatomy class and I need practise worksheets, like the ones you get in a test where you have to label the different bones and muscles etc. Can anybody recommend where I can get those ? thank you