1. Hi Im a pre nursing student I get on the allnurse website all the time and decided that it was time to join for the support and the great information that i read. I have a problem that I really need help with at the moment i am taking my prerequisite to apply to the nursing program, one of my classes being a&p I, it seems like no matter how much i sudy i cannot get ahead and i study a lot I decided to take a big step and go from part time work/full time school so that i could devote more time to it, but itI feel like im getting no where. I watch the younger kids in my class im 27 (28 in two weeks) that do these test with out any effort but when it comes to me my mind goes blank and i know that i know it. I have been in schoo a long time a there is nothing more that i want in this world than to be a nurse and help people. But at the same time i have this nagging voice in my head saying that maybe im not smart enough to do this. Pls help any advice that i can get will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Welcome to the site

    Doubts will always creep in but you need to try and ignore them and continue study, to get this far means you are smart enough to do it just need to look at another way of study
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    Good luck.
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    Good luck to you. Don't judge others insides by their outsides, they are more than likely struggling, or at the very least it doesn't come easy. Hang in there.
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    i know i have been in your shoes... but i was 45 when i went back.... show up for class, ask questions. use mind mapping....(do a google on it) i always retained more when i write it... so write out the parts you are having problems with. read it out loud.. or try and explain it to someone else... when you take the core nursing classes then it will even make more sense. try and study offensivly... that means look over the material prior to class, read what they tell you to read. so when they lecture you will have a foundation. i got a's and did all my a&p online except the 1st one. you have to know yourself. are you a verbal learner?... are you a visual learner?.... make cheat sheets... i didn't cheat. i just kept them close by to look at... i have a 3 binders that i have collected from lpn and rn. i add to them still. i took them to clinicals. i use them yet today in my practice.
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    I am 33 and going back to school. I am in A&P I this semester, too. This class takes a LOT of time. I am only taking this one class but it's like a part time job at least. I am currently doing well in the class. Here are my strategies.

    Read the material ahead of time. As I'm reading it, I make flash cards that have fill in the blank stuff. Here's one I made yesterday: Anaerobic reactions convert most of the pyruvic acid to ____. About 80% is produced this way. It diffuses into the blood, where liver cells convert it back to ____. This conversion ____ of the blood.

    On the back I have a) lactic acid b) glucose c) lowers acidity levels

    It's a way to outline the book and make cards at the same time, and really grasp the material as I'm making the cards. I make one card for roughly every paragraph that I read.

    I spend a lot of time on-line at anatomy websites (www.getbodysmart.com is a good one) because I don't have time to go to the lab to see the models and review my bones and muscles as much as I want to. I quiz myself both ways. Like right now we are learning muscles. I have written the numbers of the muscles that are on the models on some cards. I have to find those numbers and ID the muscles. Then I work the other way and have a list of the names of muscles and need to find the right numbers. I have cards that I review at home with origin, insertion, action.

    Get a study partner and meet once a week and quiz each other. I have found that when I think I know all the material, I am able to find holes in my knowledge by having someone quiz me with their flashcards.

    I read the chapter and study the illustrations before bed every night. It's the last thing I do before I go to bed. By studying them over and over, I can just close my eyes and see the illustrations when it's test time and it really helps.

    Good luck to you! You can do it!