Has Anyone Taken the NET?

  1. Hi all. I'm currently looking into applying at the Baptist School of Nursing in San Antonio, TX. In order to get accepted, I have to take and pass the NET entrance exam. Has anyone taken this test, or does anyone have any idea what kind of material it covers? Also, is there any kind of study material I can purchase that will help me pass it easier? Please help!
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  3. by   nurz2be

    The above is the study guide book for the NET test. I took the exam earlier this year. I have been out of school for 17 years. I bought this study guide and went through it for 2 weeks each night for an hour or so. I made a 96 overall on it. It isn't as bad as most say it is. Nerves make you do worse. The study guide is exactly like the test with the exception of the last section of the test that is a psychological test. It asks you the same questions in a few different ways to see your personality type with regards to learning.

    The below is the basic information you need to get the book.

    Good luck.

    Study Guide for The Net, The Hobet, The Help entrance tests
    by Michael D. Frost

    Published 2004

    ISBN-10: 0967544645

    ISBN-13: 9780967544649
  4. by   SparklyGirl
    There have been a few threads on the NET recently, you should do a search for them b/c they had some good information.
  5. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    yes do a thread search and a google research! i took the net last month and got a 98! hurray. it has science, math, reading comp, spelling, chem, a&p. its a timed test but it was much easier than i thought it would be. if you've done well on your prerequisites and in high school math, you'll do fine. i stressed but after coming out of it , i was relieved and worried for no reason at all. just relax do a little review, but do not stress. best wishes!!! keep us posted.
  6. by   juli44
    There is a study guide. I got mine from my student bookstore - but I know some girls who got theirs off of amazon.com. It's called "NET test study guide" - a little blue book. All of the math I needed to know was in there and the reading comprehension section was good practice. Don't pay too much attention to the grammar - I don't recall any on the test.
  7. by   HJS27
    If you graduated from high school you can pass the NET. Just go take the exam...it is a piece of cake. Really.
  8. by   MachewRN
    The study books for the NET are pretty good. They only really judge you on the math and reading sections of the test. It seems a large part of the test is that they want you to be able to read fast and comprehend what you read. My advice is to get a study book to use and also read as much as you can preceeding the test. Try to get your reading rate as fast as you can. Good luck.