Good or bad sign?

  1. So, I sent my application in to one of the schools I am applying to a few weeks ago and I met with the director of admissions back in October-ish.

    In order to complete your application, you had to pass the NLN, submit all transcripts, complete an essay and sent three letters of reference.

    I called the person in admissions because I completed the NLN and wanted to know if there was anything else besides my essay and references that they needed. She was not in the office so I left a voicemail.

    She called me back a few minutes later to let me know that they've received my scores from NLN (they were good) and that I've been "waived" from writing and essay and references.

    I've never heard of such a thing and I'm hoping this is a good sign for me.

    Any input? Thanks!
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  3. by   PurrRN
    COOL, sound like a good sign to me. Although, now that I think about it I think my curiosity would have gotten the better of me to ask why I didnt have to do the additional. I'm so paranoid about that stuff though.

    Sounds like you're on your way! Hope you get in.
  4. by   GottaGetIn
    I know! I had the feeling of doubt after I hung up the phone.

    I mean, I have ALL OF my pre reqs done...and I have a 3.8 GPA and my NLN scores are really I'm hanging on to hope!

    Have you applied anywhere yet? Or are you already in?
  5. by   PurrRN
    I'm in my second semester NS. OB/PEDS round (not my favorite). I remember how hard it was though, getting every little thing together to try and make the cut. SO very hard, not to mention that beside having all your ducks in a row, you have to make sure that admin and the school has all their ducks in a row. I can't tell you the number of times I've checked to make sure that all my stuff was in, just to be told that they'd lost something or that they'd told me something wrong. Come to think of it, it's still that way!
  6. by   GottaGetIn
    Good for you!!!!! Are you in the ADN or BSN program? How are you liking nursing school? Is it everything you thought it would be?

    I can't even believe how hard it is to get into RN school....Around here, even 4.0's get rejected. It's crazy! It seems it's the hottest profession around!

    I think I'll be happier when I get an acceptance letter than when I graduate! :roll
  7. by   caliotter3
    To keep things on the up and up, I would write a letter requesting confirmation of what you were told on the phone, use the name of the person you spoke to if you have it. Someone I know got screwed out of consideration b/c, over the phone, she was told they were missing transcripts, when she went in person, and her folder was opened in front of her, there were the transcripts in the still unopened envelope. These days you just can't trust any process. You would be extremely upset to find out that something was indeed missing, if you don't get selected and you start to investigate after the fact. Good luck.
  8. by   GottaGetIn
    Your right. Do you think I should send an email to her as a confirmation or something? I've already questioned her once...I hope she doesn't get frustrated with me, kwim?

    BUT, I will have it in that's a good idea!
  9. by   GottaGetIn
    Okay, just sent the email.....thanks for the tip!
  10. by   Bella Donna
    So did you get your confirmation? I am curious. Good luck
  11. by   GottaGetIn
    Well, I got in...but I got an email from the Director of Nursing saying that they had filled the program a few weeks before my application was complete. There is one person on the waiting list and 8 of us passed the NLN on the same day so there are now 9 people on the waiting list. They are going to figure out who gets what spot this best case is that I am #2 on the wait list....worst case is I am #9.

    I can handle w/ being #2 because I am sure spots will open. Being #9 will be dismal.

    We shall see.

    Thanks for asking!
  12. by   CT Pixie
    Think positive!! Yes #2 would be great as there are always people who do not end up starting for a variety of reasons. But even #9 isn't THAT bad..think of the ones who didn't even get on the waiting list and have to start the process all over again..uggh.

    Best of luck! Fingers, eyes, toes and legs crossed for you!!
  13. by   GottaGetIn
    You're so sweet! I feel like I need tons fingers crossed for me. I have great grades, but I feel like you have to be family of the admissions director to get in anywhere around here.

    What's your story CT? Have you applied anywhere?
  14. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from GottaGetIn
    You're so sweet!

    What's your story CT? Have you applied anywhere?
    Thank you. My story hu? Well I am an "old" lady who after years of stopping and starting the nursing track finally said, I don't want to go to my grave regretting that I didn't fulfill my dream..and so, on a whim, I drove myself to the closest school that had an LPN course and took their "entrance" exam. Surprised myself since its been eons since I've been in school. I've taken college courses only as recent as the early 2000's. Around here its tough getting intothe Nursing programs, need current Sciences, mine are old, and tons of pre-reqs.

    So beginning March 12th, I will be an LPN student at a private Tech school here in CT. It'll be a long hard 15 months but on June 13, 2008 (cross those fingers, toes, eyes, and legs) I'll graduate and be able to sit for the NCLEX. Plan on working about a year (taking a College Chem..again..since my Chem is too old to use) then applying to another local Hospital that has a Nursing College. Hopefully I'll get my RN and from there, my dream job is NICU.

    Let us know the outcome! I'll be sending out positive vibes for you!