Gasp! I have to take the NET entrance test, thoughts and advice needed please. - page 2

Hey guys, Im thinking of applying to another school as backup while I wait for my first choice. Aparently i have to take the NET. I know a bunch of you have taken or are preparing to take this test... Read More


    (The NET Study Guide, published by Educational Resources,)

    The Study Guide
    for Three Entrance Tests

    The Study Guide will help with specific testtaking skills for the Nurse Entrance Test, Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test and Higher Education Learning Profile. Simulated practice tests, which have been modeled to simulate these 3 exams, are provided to give you good practice with exam preparation. (paperback - 156 pages)

    ISBN 0-9675446-4-5 The Study Guide
  2. by   harrisrn2b
    I am studing for the NET and the first part of the study guide is over whelming. I haven't been in school in over 13 years and haven't taken english in over 15 years. The reading about all the rules are taking me for a hoop and I pray I will do well
  3. by   rella42782

    i recently took the net myself and was presently surprised and shocked at the test. be sure to study the book that you can purchase on the epi website, well worth it! surprisingly, the math is what saved me. if you study the book, then you will do great on the math because the actual test mimics the practice tests. in the beginning i was more petrified of the math than the reading and in the end it was the math that saved me. the reading isn't necessarily hard, just very time consuming. be sure to time yourself when taking the reading quiz in the epi study book. unfortunately, i did not do this, so i was completely taken back by the reading portion on the test. you literally have 30 minutes to read an excerpt and answer 33 questions in all. if you do the math out that's less than a minute for each question. unfortunately, i did not answer all of the questions w/in the time frame, but like i said before, the math made up for it. i aced the math and that ultimately saved me. if you google net questions or something similar, you should be directed to some websites. my advice would be to check them out. one in particular actually set up a couple of practice tests that mirror the two found in the study guide, do yourself a favor and do them! hope this helps, i sure know i would have liked to have known all of this prior to the test!
  4. by   9livesRN
    read my sticky note on the net, it might help