Foul Odors - page 2

Anyone out there have any tricks for covering up foul odors? Last week was my very first clinicals. I had to empty out a ostomy bag and I almost puked!!! I had to pull myself together in the bathroom... Read More

  1. by   grace90
    Rub peppermint oil under your nose. Breath shallow. If you need to take a breather and can't get away from the situation, tuck your head down and to the side and bury your nose in your shoulder and take a breath. (not in your armpit, though)
    A while back I discovered a way to get gross smells off my hands. A tube of toothpaste was sitting in the employee bathroom so I rubbed a blob of it all over my hands really good and then washed them with soap and water. It got the smell off.
  2. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I breathe in through my mouth and out through my nose when I'm in a stinky situation.