Fall semester classes '17

  1. Hi everyone! The summer is winding down quick. I wanted to know what classes you'll be taking in the fall. I'm taking general chemistry and sociology. I'm still taking my pre-reqs.
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  3. by   conjer
    Applying to nursing school this semester; stats will be in progress for me, and it's my last prereq.

    Best of luck with chem and all other prereqs!
  4. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    I'll be taking my last prerequisite course this fall (A&P II) though I plan on taking stats in the winter for some extra points towards my nursing application!! I also plan on taking three online courses as well (sociology, political science, and nutrition). Not sure if I want to keep the political science class or not just yet. I took an equivalent course for sociology for my school's program already, but I want to take sociology in case my course does not transfer over to some other schools.

    I hope you have a smooth semester!
  5. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    Have a great semester, everyone!
  6. by   katrinagabrielle
    I will be taking Microbiology, A&P 1, and then one more class! I'm trying to decide if I want to take nutrition or Africana Studies. If I took nutrition my semester would be completely prereqs and that's somewhat terrifying since I'm trying to get A's in all prereqs
  7. by   ErikaD360
    Good luck everyone!!!
  8. by   ErikaD360
    Thank you and good luck to you also.
  9. by   kaseyrachele
    I'll be in my second semester of my associate degree nursing courses!

    The first half of my semester will be Mother-Baby theory, lab, and clinical, Then the second half will be Med-Surg 1 theory, lab, and clinical.
  10. by   ColoradoMrs
    I'm applying this month for the two nursing programs I am hoping for. But in the meantime this semester I am taking Pathophysiology and Stats. For the BSN program these two will count toward pre-reqs but for the ADN dual program these will count as less classes needed in nursing school.

    Ahhhh so nervous to start submitting apps. I am also trying to figure out if I should keep my CNA job that I have or just jump into school at this point.
  11. by   heatherrn19
    I am starting on Aug 14 as a first time college student (at 41) My end goal is ADN. My first semester will be BIO 110 and Math 101. Starting slowly to get my feet wet....
  12. by   Dreamer05
    Hello everyone,
    It is winding down! I am taking Micro, Psychology, and Wellness Concepts Practice in the fall semester. I'll be applying for the nursing program by October. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   lehaley1989
    I'm starting my first semester of core nursing courses on August 21st. I'll be taking Fundamentals, Pharmacology, and Nursing Skills with my first clinical beginning in November. I have a very intimidating stack of books sitting in my living room!
  14. by   thewhitechickoj
    I'm waiting to hear back from my school. Any day now! I have all my prerequisites and entrance exams done. So now I wait...