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This semester is finally over and everyone, I hope, has worked very hard!! ;):balloons: Post your accomplishments this semester, let everyone see your hard work!!! Keep up the good work everyone!! ... Read More

  1. by   daisyfleur70
    I got an A- in A&P 1 (a 90%).

    Next quarter A&P 2.
  2. by   Hopeful N.S.
    I'm also glad the semester is over. I have about a month before the spring starts up and I hope the time goes SLOWLY!! :spin:
    My grades were:

    General Chemistry A
    General Chemsity Lab A
    Human Physiologyw/Lab A

  3. by   skyblue77
    I took my last prereq this Fall 07, A&P II and I got an 88%. I'm usually an A student, but I have a 6 month old and just bought a new house so I think I did pretty damn good.
  4. by   NaomieRN
    B+ in Med Surg 2
  5. by   buckeye rosie
    Well I just took my A&P II final this morning.....it was so hard! I need an 80 to get an A in the course so I'm just praying for the 80 or maybe an 81.

    Chem-B (which I am so mad about--no one got an A in that class and my teacher was HORRIBLE, teaching chemistry to yourself is not easy!)

    I guess I'm just freaking out about the A&P grade. I already have the B in chem and the rest of my sciences are all A's. I don't think I can afford anymore B's.
  6. by   pjgarrett1388
    I'm so glad this semster is over. It was a tough semster for me personally, but I finished out with good grades. I'm still a little disappointed with my Anatomy and Physiology II final grade.

    Here are my final grades:

    Western Civilization II - A
    Human Growth and Development - A
    College Algebra - A
    Anatomy and Physiology II - B
  7. by   mixyRN
    Quote from crouton2004
    rock on everyone!!

    a&p 1 - a
    microbiology - a
    general chemistry - a
    life span psych - a

    wow that is some intensive coursework! great job!
  8. by   lwilson22
    Quote from Crouton2004
    Aww, thanks! I worked hard but also had awesome teachers so it just kind of all came together.
    congrats, it's hard to take all of those science classes together!
  9. by   tonyal
    well I got
    college comp& research A-
    Psych B+
    Chem B-
    soc. C
    I guess you can tell which ones I liked and where something went horribly wrong. Plus i had a major migrane on saturday when taking my Soc & psych final. or i would have had a A and B in those. But I am on the waitlist as of today and was told to expect to be in in the winter of 09
  10. by   mustangmona
    modelmama07 - What school are you going to? I will be taking Micro In the Spring at Moutain View College.

    End of Life Issues - A
  11. by   SparklyGirl
    I got As in both my classes: Interpersonal Communication and Logic. I didn't need logic, I took it more for fun (I have the final tonight, but I know I have an A -- knock on wood )

    IC was my last prereq and I apply to my direct entry masters program next month .... ack!
  12. by   modelmama07
    Quote from mustangmona
    modelmama07 - What school are you going to? I will be taking Micro In the Spring at Moutain View College.

    End of Life Issues - A
    I attend El Centro, I'll be taking Micro in the spring also!! When are you applying for the program there?
  13. by   itsa307
    I had an A in Psy101 until tonight's final - I hope I still hold my A but I'm afraid and really upset that I may end up with a B .