Does it matter what college you go to for nursing?

  1. I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner so I was wondering if the college you went to would affect job outlooks or what employers would think of you. I was thinking of going to San Diego state but it's known as a party school. Would that have any affect? What about when it's time to apply for the MSN program? Would that have any affect? Thanks!
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  3. by   mandy1623
    I'd at least make sure its accredited
  4. by   Zookeeper3
    Aside from accredited it does not matter. In a tough job market in NY in the 90's, I chose a private college. Yes, the board rate was 100% and that's why I chose them. Did it make a difference in the long haul, 17 years later with expensive loans... I can't say for sure, but my chosen ICU path was easily come by after one year of paying my dues.

    Each state, local community and persons experience comes into play and there is no simple answer. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of if. You need to choose high expenses to ensure board passing, or pay less and do the studying on your own. From there, how you network and start out is up to you.
  5. by   Bobmo88
    I know SDSU has a rep for being a party school but one of the traveler nurses I work with right now said he went there and he was so busy with nursing school he didn't have time to party over there. I think the main thing (besides the program being accredited, which in SDSU's case it is) is doing well in school regardless of where you go.
  6. by   leenak
    One thing you have to be cautious with is that the CSUs are flaky, in my opinion. Since they have less funding than the UCs, they are more apt to drop classes, drop majors (I know a few people who went to SDSU and had their entire major dropped), etc. Now the nursing program doesn't seem like something they would get rid of but you never know what they could do. I'd personally try to opt for a UC if you had a choice between the two.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    1. Make sure the school is accredited by the CCNE or the NLN.

    Other than that, it doesn't matter what school you're going to, from an employment standpoint. Being a known party school isn't going to affect you because A. Your employer isn't likely to know that and B. They are going to look at your GPA/transcripts so they will know whether you were a good student or not. Now, some hospitals do have relationships with nursing schools and tend to hire graduates from those schools, but I can't tell you if that's the case in CA. But if your end goal is to be an NP, then you should also look for a school that:

    2. Is a BSN program

    3. Has a NP program as well. It's usually easier to get accepted to a graduate program if you did your undergrad at the same university.
  8. by   MoniqueS
    Overall, its important just to get into a program. However, some schools have certain reps, and to me this could effect the chances of being hired afterwards. I would ask around. -- Also the price difference matters. I was accepted to Aquinas in Nashville TN. I like the program. I may or may not have to get loans. No loans are better but that's not always an option.
    Good luck !
  9. by   futurenurse97
    Would you think San diego state is pretty reputable and well respected. It does have a party school rep. Do employers care if you want to a "party school"
  10. by   MoniqueS
    nursing school is hard - nursing students who do well as not the ones partying.. I say go for it! Aim for being a nurse and getting your RN status by an accredited school
  11. by   vintagemother
    I think that a CSU has a good chance of being respected in the community. Unfortunately, whether deserved or not, certain schools (particularly private tech schools) aren't looked upon favorably by all employers in this job market when there are multiple new grads competing for jobs. I don't think the will affect you as a BSN or NP grad.