Do you think it would help me to do this?

  1. i have until fall of 07' to start my actual core nursing courses, so starting jan 3rd i can go ahead and start my stna's which is required here, and i have to take an algebra class and science orientation just for my prereqs. i will have just enough time to take one course at a time (unless they may be easier courses then possibly 2 at one time),until my actual core courses start, our school requires these courses to graduate..

    winter (jan 06)
    stna & algebra

    science orientation & computer electives (hopefully i can test out of this, already done some computer courses, if so i will take my sociology here)

    general psychology (is this enough time to take this course? summer quarter is 7 weeks long)


    a&p 2 & maybe communications 1 if i think i can do it


    human growth and development

    now its fall of 07'

    foundations of nursing 1

    foundations of nursing 2

    foundations in health of women and children

    year 2

    alterations in psycho-social functioning

    alt in functioning 1

    alt in functioning 2
    communications 2

    alt in functioning 3
    nursing issues
    general studies elective


    my question is does this sound do-able or is my expectations to high? i realize i will be going to school for what will seem forever, but i want to get good grades this time in school and i have 3 kids and a husband to think about this time around. that fall 07' start date is if i can get in then, right now they said it looks pretty good if i can get all my pre-reqs done and my application turned in.
    so what do you all think, is it possible for a not so great high school student and full time mommy and wife to do this on this amount of time given to me to complete my schooling, as i see it, i am very fortunate to get to take this much time and go to school, some of you all are full time moms and wives holding down jobs anddddd going to school full time, bless you people who can do that, i have the highest respect for you.

    thanks for looking over my longggg post.

    is all nursing curriculum the same in all states? or does it vary by state? just wondering.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Sounds like you've got it all worked out. It looks like you're doing it nice and easy so you'll be able to concentrate. I wouldn't be too quick to test out of computer classes. Some instructors are now having students create work and projects on Excel and presentations on Powerpoint programs. Besides, they're easy "A"s which contributes to your GPA. They also want clip art put onto cover pages and fancy borders, etc.

    I'd try to get that general studies elective and that communications 2 out of the way before getting into the nursing classes. I think you're smart to only take one nursing class at a time as you get near the end. These nursing classes get more intensive as you progress through them and there will be a lot of writing and studying to do.

    On my way to getting my BSN I went to a private women's college. Most of the women in their BSN program were mom's who were doing it part time. It was not unusual for someone to take 7 years or a little more to finish off their degree. The college was perfectly content with this.
  4. by   KatieBell
    Quote from emndarmic
    Is all Nursing curriculum the same in all states? Or does it vary by State? Just wondering.
    Nursing curricula varies from program to program, within a state! For accreditation, programs have to cover a set certain things. So programs are usually similar, but some have different experiences as wel. All that are accredited will generally follow a similar curricula.
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    That looks like a good plan to me!

    As for psychology....

    I finished my online psych in 5 weeks, and I also took an online 6-week developmental psych. I did manage an A in both.

    I do not work, and the kiddos were in school, so I did study a bunch......but yes, it is doable!

    Motivation, determination, and dedication! You can do it!!! Good luck!
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    Sounds good to me... But I just feel the need to express my feelings toward algebra... :smackingf If ya keep on top of it it can be done.. good luck to you!!!!!!
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    Sounds good to me... But I just feel the need to express my feelings toward algebra... :smackingf If ya keep on top of it it can be done.. good luck to you!!!!!!
    txspadequeen921, I have to retake my Algebra. My B isn't good enough.

    I'm skeerrrrrrrred! :uhoh21: