Do you think that taking micro and a&p two together is doable?

  1. I can either take them together, or apply for nursing school in may with micro in progress and do it over the summer; however this will hinder my chances of getting in. What do you think? I haven't been struggling with a&p at all, I have a 98 right now in lab and lecture. But, idk how it will be taking a&p 2 and micro together.
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  3. by   Luchador
    If you haven't been struggling with A&P you should have no problem taking that and micro at the same time.
  4. by   LifelongNursing
    I took those classes together. It was doable for myself, however, I learned later than I had one of the "easier" instructors for A&P and one of the "harder" instructors for micro, so if you have interest, go for it.
  5. by   Kotylynne
    Just had to comment I'm panicking with you lol I was going to take micro and A&P 2 together next semester but ended up with chemistry (which I know is one of my WORST subjects) with A&P 2 and then I'm taking advanced physiology in the summer. I am TERRIFIED. but, I did manage to take math in the summer and get an A and that is my absolute WORST subject. So if we put our minds to it, we can totally do this!!! I think you will retain more if it's not a summer class and I have read here it can be somewhat helpful on the TEAS.
  6. by   Askale19
    It's totally doable. I did it made A's in both courses. It's totally up to you and how much time you can dedicate, because what u put in is what you'll get out. It's an investment.
  7. by   203bravo
    Have to agree.. it is totally doable just stay organized
  8. by   stevemac
    I did Micro and A&P II together, and also earned A's in both. Yes, you can do it.

    The courses also compliment each other.
  9. by   Nursls21
    I'm taking micro, AP2, and chem together. "It's a good way to show you what NS is going to be like bc you will have to consume yourself with the classes and won't have time for much else" someone once told me. So I took it as a challenge and did it. I'm doing well but now questioning if I want to apply for NS lol. It's not easy but neither is NS so do it.
  10. by   abowloforanges
    I took both at the same time and it was doable! One thing to consider is how much time you'll have outside of class to study, especially if you have a job or other responsibilities. Since both classes have labs and lectures, you'll spend a lot of time in class and preparing for labs/working on lab reports. A&P II focuses more heavily on physiology and understanding processes than on memorizing structures like A&P I (although you still have to do a lot of that haha), which could be good or bad depending on what your brain likes. But since you're doing so well in A&P I I'm sure you'll be fine. I'd say try it out, get ready to buckle down, and don't be afraid to drop one of them by the drop deadline if you don't think it's going well. You can always take one later, but depending on your school's repeat policy, you might not be able to escape a low grade if it's on your transcript. Good luck!!
  11. by   Miiki
    Been there, done that. Survived. I'm a nurse now.