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I was talking with a friend of mine who is also a nursing student and we started talking about if not nursing what:spin: So I was just curious if anyone has any other plans if you cant get into... Read More

  1. by   guiltysins
    If not nursing then I would have done another healthcare related field. I was leaning towards physician assistant or respiratory therapist. I know some people would say if you don't get in keep applying but I really don't want to apply year after year after year.
  2. by   NICUrn2B
    Quote from Sand_Dollar
    If I don't get into my school of choice at a private school because of loans (grades won't be the reason) I will retake a bunch of old (20+ yrs) classes and apply to the local University. I'm not giving up, if it takes me longer and different schools, then I will do it.
    i love your attitude sand dollar... this is what i needed :redpinkhe thank you!!
  3. by   work&play
    I would try what my sister does. She's an occupational therapist in a school district. She started as an occupationla therapist assistant making good money.

    She later bridged to an occupational therapist online she works with students in special education doing art project, physical rehabilitation, learnig to perform differnt tasks at the rate of 79K/year and 8 hours/pay.
  4. by   SierraMoon
    Med School. I hear it's less competitive than nursing .
  5. by   TaraRae123
    Latin or Classics.

    I would go to college and grad school for either of these and then become a teacher. But the illy thing is... I strongly dislike teaching. I could never imagine teaching or anything. But Latin is my favorite other than nursing.