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HI, Prenursing student here starting to take my prereq this Jan and I am so happy that I changed my major. I am A also 25 years old and married for 3 years so the itch of having children started... Read More

  1. by   sol9
    Ive sat here and read these post twice. Im in tears. Im a 24 year old husband and the father of a 6 month beautiful, demanding, stubburn boy...and expecting what we call his "irish twin." Another boy. He is expected to have the same birthday, a year younger. I work full time, and am dreaming and working so hard at a B.S.N. My wife has an amazing degree from a top school, and does not work. A brilliant Full Time Mom. I can only say to the original is hard. And i wouldn't want to change a thing. I can get Scared, Stressed. Overworked. I am not superhuman, so i ask them for help and Because of them, I can honestly say that I know I will earn my degree(s), and we will adopt more when we can support them too. I may be the only one to say it, but don't wait.
  2. by   danissa
    :spin: Children & studying-- It CAN be done! I had my three children when I started studying, they were all tiny, but we all managed through it! I went back to Uni and studied some more for my NICU Intensive course, this was easier to manage as they were a bit older. I'm glad I did it this way, now they are teenagers, we are reaping the benefits of my hard slog!! It's now that we need that extra cash, especially for my baby boy (14), with his enormous feet in K-Swiss trainers!
  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from jov
    ....With all respect, my personal opinion is it is naive to think you can wait to have kids until you're 41 and all will be well as long as you eat your veggies and walk on the treadmill. JMO
    ITA, and thank you for your post.

    MOST people think that they won't have fertility problems. Certainly I didn't think I would.

    You never know, and the sooner a problem is found out, the easier it is to treat.

    But, again.....nobody thinks it will affect them. IMO, fertility is the thing most taken for granted.