convincing yourself nursing isn't for you?

  1. Anyone else starting to do this in an obvious pre-emptive strike against hurt feelings if a rejection letter comes?

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  3. by   jessica<3RN
    I thought about it for 2 days, did my research on what other professions I could persue, and came to the conclusion that nothing interests me. I've wanted to be a nurse for a very long time now. I see myself succeeding in the nursing field, and can't imagine myself working a job that I despise.
  4. by   deliverator
    if you get a rejection letter, just apply again. apply to as many programs as you can. whether it be absns, entry-msns, or adn programs. take whichever accepts you first. don't hold out for something better. we all take the nclex regardless of the program we're in. don't give up. I waited two years to get into my program.

    If I hadn't gotten into the program this past January, I'd be finishing up my EMT certificate right now and be doing that while waiting to get into a program.
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  5. by   ann945n
    it took me many many rejection letters before i got an acceptance letter, hang in there yours is coming its just not always what you expected
  6. by   Nurse Allison
    I'm doing the same thing right now waiting for my letter. I have no idea what other avenue I will pursue if I dont get in. The thought of having to wait another year as my life passes by nauseates me. I'm 35, it took me this long to finally figure out what to do with my life. I've spent the last five years taking care of my son who was injured at birth and left with a paralyzed arm.
    If I dont get in, I'll feel like I let everyone down. I still don't have micro under my belt, and plan on taking A&P II this summer. I'm wondering if not having had these classes will hurt my chances?
  7. by   lostintrenton
    OMG you all are soooo way far ahead of me and i can see at least i dont fill alone ,i just took the workkeys assessment test and didnt pass 2out of the 3 and have cried all day , have already registered for the next test was just wondering did anyone else have a problem with this test, i know this is childish but, i oh so want to be a nurse oh well thanks 4 listening
  8. by   deliverator
    my suggestion if you're waiting for an RN program acceptance. Take a CNA or LPN/LVN course and start getting clinical experience. CNA is at the most a 1 semester course. LPN/LVN is a 2 semester course. Having an LPN/LVN will knock out 1 year from an RN program and make it easier to get into one. Or take Phlebotomy. Anything to get you in the hospital while you wait.