community college with no waiting list in CA or NY

  1. hi guys!!!!! can you help me find a community college in ca or ny with no waiting list in the rn program... tnx!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   mominsd
    I know in the san diego area you won't be able to find a cc without a waiting list.
  4. by   nurse2btracy
    I know that Nassau Community College (NY) has no waiting list but it is pretty tough to get into.
  5. by   mommy_xo
    -saddleback college in mission viejo, ca
    -goldenwest college in huntington beach, ca
    -mt. san antonio college in walnut, ca (i'm not for sure on this one)
  6. by   catzy5
    Quote from mominsd
    I know in the san diego area you won't be able to find a cc without a waiting list.

    Riverside county MT San Jacinto college doesn't have a waiting list they take 80% on GPA alone and 20% a lottery pick. There are only 12 spots so thats 10 on GPA 2 lottery. No wait you don't get in you start all over again each semester.
  7. by   nataliaxtine
    I'm from San Diego and was told the wait list at the JCs can range from 2+ yrs. Plus of course you have to finish the science classes before you can even get on the list. So in the meantime I was taking all kinds of classes and just waiting... Luckily, after I got married, my husband got stationed at Fort Drum, NY where the college there had no wait list. They take about 30 some students/semester and it's not hard to get in to. I was suprised to find out that the only prereqs where A&P I & II, 2 semesters of CHEM, college MATH, & passing a med calc exam with a 100%. Of course you'd have to finish the rest of the classes by the time you graduate. I find that those that have to take other classes with the nursing are struggling or dropping out like flies. The name of the college is Jefferson Community College which is part of SUNY so expect to pay $132/unit... it's not as cheap as the JCs in Cali, but in the end it'll all be worth it! oh and the NCLEX passing rate is up in the 90% range
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  8. by   suzanne4
    And even if you were to find a program that had no waiting list, you are forgetting one very important part of the equation, getting approval from immigration for the student visa. Thsat fact alone, nothing will be immediate. Plus you will still need to complete the pre-reqs for the particular school, and they vary greatly.
  9. by   lalalita
    so could anyone tell me, how long it's gonna take to earn a RN degree in RCC? I really want to get in.

    is it still hard to get into nursing program in RCC?