Chemistry withdrawal or should I stick it out??? Help please!

  1. Hi Allnurses!

    I dont know if I should drop my chemistry class or just suffer through it!?? I am taking 16 credits this semester. In January, I was in a CNA class as well, it was only four weeks long, but it was all day and felt like a job. Also, Im a stay at home mom of two kids, three and one.
    This is all of my classes:
    Cna(jan 7, 8-3)
    inter algebra(oc)(all of these classes started a week after cna, which was Jan 14),
    and chemistry(started in Jan. 25 and is a sat. class).

    While I was taking my cna class, I was trying my hardest to keep up the with the classes that started on Jan. 14. I have financial aid and va benefits from my dad. I know if I drop my chemistry class it will conflict with both of these. I dont know yet what will happen, I have not talked to the school yet but I intend to, and its saturday and there not open so I came to ALLNURSES! Will I have to pay back all of the tuition from that class? Is it better to withdrawal or stick it out and possibly make a bad grade? Either way if I make a bad grade(which I am right now bc Ive missed 3 out of five classes so far and Im soo behind!) I feel so lost in the class and my grades are slipping!) Last semester I had a 4.0 and Im just really upset over this! I thought that maybe I should stick it out and try to learn what I can and retake it next fall and maybe a M&W&F class instead of this sat 8-3 class! Within the first 10 minutes of class I didnt like my professor. He is always talking with his back side face to us and I cant see what he is doing until after he is finished with a conversion. People in the class will ask him to move so we can see him and he wont, I thought maybe it was bc he is an older man. He is always talking about how he can just leave and retire. I dont want to bash on him bc I know most of this is my fault bc I bit off more than I can chew. Ive missed so much class, I dont know if I can catch up and keep up with all of my other classes? what do I do!??
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  3. by   umbdude
    Do you think you can pull your grade up to a good one between now (that CNA class is done) and withdrawal deadline?

    Between a bad grade (below B-) and a "W", I would choose "W".
  4. by   Devon Rex
    Some nursing schools require a C+ to consider it a passing grade... check your nursing program's policy, talk with Financial Aid on Monday (w/o fail), check the withdrawal date.

    I would take a "W" over a bad grade, that's for sure. Be honest with yourself, your situation, and your support system when making a decision.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   princesax11
    I am not familiar with the va benefits, but with financial aid if you drop a class you have to pay it back. However, if you finish it and get a bad grade, you will have to pay to retake it anyway because financial aid doesn't pay for retakes. Did you have any tests yet? If not then I think you can 100% recover with A LOT of studying to make up for it. Do you have a good support system? Can someone watch the kids to give you two hours a day to study until you are caught up and never miss class again? Missing three out of five classes is a lot for such a short amount of time you can't miss any more.