Can't even get classes.

  1. I never know how to really start a thread, as replying it so much easier...

    Except as of late I sorta found myself in a predicament and realized that maybe someone's been in my situation (or something similar)? Currently I'm attending RCC in CA - I've been going there for a year (a total of 50 something units/credits) and was told that my registration date would improve the more units I completed "successfully" at most I've had A's and B's with one C' in electrical. It has or the most part, prior to starting (I was a returning student) my registration date was 2 weeks before class started (which was insane to get any classes period.) Now it's about a month, but even so..

    Yet I still can't seem to get into any science courses: microbiology, chemistry, a&p. Which as you know, are the pre-req's you need before you can apply to the nursing program. In the beginning I was content doing LVN, but I still need a NVN-50 class. Which I'm 18th on the wait list for. So here's hoping I get that.

    I feel like I can't even get these classes and I'd still require one or two of them if I hoped to transfer, so I'm -stuck.- I currently work as a CNA but don't have enough experience to challenge the board (I'd still have to have hospital and I work in an LTC). So what I'm basically asking is - what are my options? I don't want to be in a CC forever, just so that I can even start a program, in which that too would take up time.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas/knowledge you might have.
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  3. by   Jennie.K
    Is there a school you can transfer to where you can take the prereqs? If so, I'd transfer.
  4. by   Lame
    It's really tough at the CCs in California. I know that the CC I attended cut a huge amount of classes for this fall (thank god, I'm done w/ prereqs)... I would suggest going to talk to a counselor and making an education plan. At my school, this helped your priority number. I, personally, never had a problem getting classes besides my first semester, but I always made sure to talk to a counselor. Also, the more units you take, the better priority you get.

    Oh & another thing, maybe try enrolling in another CC in your area? I knew people that would go to 2 CCs at the same time because they couldn't get classes at the other one.

    Good luck!
  5. by   willowita
    Go to the first day of class, even if you're not registered, and see if the professor is willing add you. Worst case scenario is that you don't get in and you gave up an hour of your time. But you might get in, so it's worth a try.

    Second suggestion, take other pre-req and general ed courses in the mean time to rack up more credits and improve your appointment date. I'm sure there are other pre-reqs besides the big three, right? And most nursing programs encourage students to get the GE courses out of the way since there is little to no time to take them while you're in the core nursing program. If you plan on getting your BSN, you can also start taking some of those pre-reqs since there may be courses they require that are not covered for the ADN. So at least that way, you're still working towards the bigger picture.

    Last option, look for a school that is less impacted. The CC I went to had very few students but the CC only 5 miles away was so overcrowded and impossible to register at. I'm in SoCal btw. I don't know why so many people wanted to go there when my school wasn't that far away. I never had to waitlist any of my pre-reqs. So if you're willing to go to a different school, and I know it's a pain, but you might have better luck.
  6. by   futurenurse310
    So I took a class at Goldenwest College in huntington beach and the teacher made us talk to the classmates next to us to learn more about each other. This student told me that she drives all the way from Riverside to attend Goldenwest because she could not get into ANY classes she really needed at Riverside Community College.

    Next semester, I took a class at Santa Ana College and talked to another classmate in there. That classmate told me she was from Riverside and could not get any classes at the community college there so she drives all the way to Santa Ana to get a seat in the classes.

    Maybe you'll have to start commuting out here, but even then, the anatomy/physio/micro classes are booked with waiting lists.
  7. by   Steph143
    Hi, Im a student at RCC as well. I know exactly what your saying. Without any priority it seems impossible to get into any sciences classes at RCC.
    The only reason I been able to is because Im in EOPS.
    I know you can apply if you have taken 46units or less, and have a Bogg waiver A or B.

    I've heard rumors though, that if you see a counselor 2x a semester that your date gets pushed up. But no one says that "officially" So I do not know how true that may be.

    I transferred from Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, And I felt that there it was worse trying to get a simple class there. So I came to Riverside.

    I have friends that go to nearby schools like Valley College, Mt. Sac and its super hard to get something there. SO I dont know if by going somewhere that would be ideal,since then you would be at the bottom of the barrel ya know?

    Its tough, and its really depressing. But just ask around, go to admissions and speak to someone. I heard also that if your in a club you get priority, or if your in programs like CAPS or Puente Program.

    I been going non stop since 2009, And barley now do I see the end of the tunnel, into finally being to apply to NS

    Just dont give up, If all else fails, stay in the class (Nursing 50) wait like a week or 2, and see if the prof is willing to add you. I know alot of my class mates did this for Anatomy. : )

    Hope any of this info helped
  8. by   devyn renee
    Minty Girl, you are not alone. I go to LBCC (also in CA) and it took me until my third semester to get into any of science pre reqs and I just BARELY got in. My anatomy professor was kind enough to let in 25 people off the wait list and I was 21st. It was similar for Chem. My fourth semester I got completely locked out of micro and physio (I was like almost 40th on the wait list for both classes) even though I had 47 semester units under my belt and registered the third day of priority registration. I now have 64 units and just managed to get third on the wait list for physio AND I have to go all the way to Compton to take micro because I wasn't going to be able to get in at LBCC AGAIN for the fifth semester in a row. The only advice I have is research the professors at your school to see how many students they let in off the wait list to give yourself the best chance of getting in and research other schools near you to see how impacted they are compared to your school. At my school you get to register the first day of priority registration if you're a notetaker for a DSPS student, so make sure you talk to admissions to see if there is anyway to increase your priority. When it comes down to it you have to do what you have to do to get to where you need to be. If this is what you really want you'll find a way! Good luck to you and GOOOO TARTARS!!!!
  9. by   Saysfaa
    So, basically, everyone has to take years of classes they don't need or want in order to gain enough seniority to have a shot at the useful classes?

    Then probably more classes they don't need or want to keep their full time statis as they go through the science sequences.

    I think y'all need to elect different policy makers.
  10. by   mintygirl
    For starters, I want to thank everyone who had replied - its nice to know I'm not the only one going through this.

    I really didn't get a chance to think things thru and while I'm not the first of my generation to attend college, those who have in my family kind of keep to themselves... (get the drift?) With that said, I sort of wish I did things differently and I think I'm a lot more open to signing up for other colleges as well. There is no harm in trying, you know? The closest ones that I know of are Chaffey and Valley (San Bern) but I'm sure there are a lot less popular ones that I know of. I just haven't looked into it yet.

    I didn't get -any- science classes this year and that worries me since I have a loan out. At the very least I'd like to be moving toward my goal and not have to worry about paying that back asap. [The loan I have depends on whether I am taking classes are not.] Along with the fact that I'd generally like to not waste time - it wasn't a big deal for me when I first started the process at the age of 22 ~ but now that I'm 24 I -still- dont feel any closer to my goal of becoming a nurse.

    At the very least I haven't explored the option of private schools for LVN's or RN's; if I at least had one of those license. So far though I've only waitlisted for LVN 50 and I hope/pray whatever, that I get added.
  11. by   Texasharp
    Just registered for A&P at my school and since open registration starts today I had to stay up until midnight last night to hit submit. I was a nervous wreck!! 2 of my classmates in intro to nursing did not get in because the classes were full at 1204!?!?!?!? This is INSANE!!! (were in Tx)
  12. by   squeeshy057
    I know exactly what you mean and I'm going to a Cal State. CSUF to be exact. It probably doesn't help that I just decided to switch my major. I'm currently a junior and I have to complete all the pre-reqs in order to apply to the EL-BSN program at CSUF. Even then, I might not get in because they raised the GPA requirement from 3.00 to 3.5. I have a 2.99 right now from screwing around and not really caring about grades, while in high school I had at 3.9. My point is though, I have to take all of these other ge classes (5) in order to be closer to applying to the program. I didn't even get into the 4 science classes I need either, A&P, micro, & chem 200. I feel like I'm going to be stuck at school forever. My registration for FJC the community college is August 10th. When I tried looking at classes at community colleges all of them were already full. Sigh. It's so frustrating. :/
  13. by   alwyzblsd
    I know exactly how u feel i attend the same school. My reg date is the 15th of Aug. I noticed if you sign up for Caps, eops or play a sport thats the only way to get some form of priority reg. Spring semester i had to take uneeded classes just to keep my financial aid and have a better luck on a reg date next spring
  14. by   Elkay
    This is how it is in California. budget cuts, bankrupt state, less classes offered. Instead of focusing all my energy on studying, i'm over here stressing and using all my energy on trying to enroll in a class just to take it for prereq!
    I thought it's probably a little bit more easier to get classes in cc. Nope, no chance.
    Try a private, dish out some money if all fails.
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