Can you go to a nursing school that's not from the university.

  1. Hi I am interested in the nuring career, and I was wondering if you can go to a nursing school that's not from the university, for instance, I want to go to Harvard but I want to go to penn states nursing school.
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  3. by   Exhaustipated
    Many people do pre-requisites at one school and then apply to many other schools for their nursing programs. Is that what you mean?
  4. by   Saysfaa
    I'm not sure what you are asking.

    If you mean can you graduate one university but take the program of another... no. Well, yes, technically. One can graduate from Harvard and take the nursing program at Penn. But the nursing degree would be from Penn, not Harvard... the Harvard degree would be whatever degree program was taken at Harvard.

    If you mean can you get go to a nursing program without going to a university, yes. Colleges that are not universities offer nursing degrees as do a few hospital programs. But Penn is a university.... so that doesn't seem to be what you are asking.
  5. by   Ryokufan
    Yes, thank you.
  6. by   x_factor
    I'm not sure why someone would pay the amount of money it costs to go to Harvard only to do their pre-reqs there?
  7. by   CareQueen
    I'm confused. Are you asking if you can be a student at Harvard, but go to Penn State's nursing school and still get your nursing degree awarded from Harvard?..Well no, you can't do that. Wherever you complete the required credits is where your degree will be rewarded (unless you're talking about transferring credits, which I'm pretty you can't do for THAT many classes).
  8. by   CareQueen
    *awarded ^^^sp