Can I still get into clinicals?

  1. I am a sophomore at LSU. Over a two-year span , i've failed four classes. My first semester, i was pregnant and got put on bed rest for two months and my doctor specifically told me i couldn't go anywhere, not even school; so i failed two out of five classes. My third semester i failed anatomy and physiology because i missed too many days and i got behind. my daughter got sick a lot . I didn't have any friends or family that could watch her when she couldn't go to daycare which meant i missed a lot of class. Now i feel like i am failing chemistry. Ive talked to the instructor and go to tutoring, but i am just not getting it. I have a passion for nursing and i want to be one so bad. I feel like i will never be excepted into the nursing program because I've failed four classes total. I have had a hard time this semester, dealing with Personal issues- ( my mother is terminally ill) i am only 21 but i feel as i am never going to accomplish my dreams. I work so hard and i know i am not stupid, i know i can do this! but i don't want to spend all my time on something that i cant even get into. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or any advice?

    Additional Details

    The classes that i have failed, I retook them and made A's. I have never failed the same class twice and i am already in the 2 year program. My school won't allow you to apply for the 4 year until you have an RN degree. It may seem like i am making "excuses" but I am not. I don't WANT to miss class, i don't "Skip" either. If my child is sick and the daycare won't allow her to come, then i have to stay home with her; there is no other option. Anyone that has ever had a child in daycare, knows that when they first start, they get sick all the time! She was hospitalized twice for bronchitis and what that means, is that i can't go to school ( she is only 1). my school requires a 2.5 gpa to get into clinicals and at least a 75% on the HESI exam. I have met both requirements, but i still feel as if they won't even look at my application because i failed 3 ( possibly 4) pre-reqs
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  3. by   Kylee B
    Sounds like a lot of misfortune for you. I wish you well.
  4. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Can you talk to an admissions counselor about your concerns? Maybe they can point you in the right direction such as maybe you should transfer to a vocational program if they won't accept you into their programs with the failed classes. They hopefully will be honest with you about what your options are regarding your program.

    I know what you mean about kids getting sick in kids have never been hospitalized thankfully but we did end up switching them to a family sitter and they maybe get sick twice a year since its fewer kids. Maybe look into this as an option? It's usually cheaper too because your essentially bringing their job to them. We were paying $1600/mo for two kids in a facility, now we only pay $800/mo Monday through Thursday full time care that's a lot better in my opinion!
  5. by   fitnessstepqueen
    You can do all things through Christ! You have to remember life and death are in the power if the tongue Proverbs 18:21.

    My first year of nursing school was a ride! The second semester I barely passed 2 courses. J hit through the program by trusting God, standing on his word, and studying every chance I got. I had one daughter when j started, and now have a second daughter. I understand about putting family first, like you should! You can accomplish your dreams!!! You have to believe and trust in God. I will graduate May 31 at 1 pm.

    Trust God and enjoy the miracle if your baby!
  6. by   St_Claire
    I think you show great perseverance! To re-take the classes and get A's is spectacular.

    You do need to get a handle on child care. I do understand the difficulty, I was a single mom for years and when my son was sick he always had acute asthma attacks that kept us in the hospital overnight.

    When you are in the nursing program you can't miss days and you can fail the class for a missed clinical. Look at other options such as completing your prereq's then deferring for a year while you get day care under control. I am not trying to discourage you, I want you to succeed and I also want you to see you have options. It may take just a little longer to get your nursing degree but it will be worth it.

    Maybe you can network and find other parents with a same predicament that you can share. Do not be afraid to ask for help. There is a solution out there, you may need patience and time to find it. Above all, do not give up.
  7. by   SubSippi
    Have you thought about taking a different path to become a nurse, aside from LSU? For instance, moving to a place where someone could help with your daughter, or starting with an LPN program? Some community colleges in my area have day cares that I've heard are pretty reasonable for students, maybe something like that would be an option.

    From what I know LSU is a really good school so I would assume that their nursing school is even more competitive that most. Keep your options open, apply to more than one school! If you can work right now, try and get a job as a CNA, I know at my school having patient care experience gave people a leg up.

    Good luck with everything!!
  8. by   HouTx
    Timing can definitely make all the difference. Can you take some time off from school to allow your personal life to stabilize and care for your mother? Nursing school will still be there when you are ready for the challenge once again. FWIW, whenever you find yourself unable to complete a course (for whatever reason) it's always better for your GPA to withdraw rather than just to stop attending and fail the course.
  9. by   maddiem
    Please don't take what I'm about I say the wrong way. I'm absolutely for anyone who wants to be a nurse! But I think at this time in your life, pursuing nursing might not be the best idea. You should take time to spend with your mother, take care of your daughter, and save up money so you don't have to work as much when you do go to school. Nursing school is like a full time job and needs 100% of your time committed to it. I think you would be setting yourself up to fail if you tried to get in now. It will be much easier for you to be in school when your daughter gets a little older a well. I'm sorry to hear about your mom, and I with you all the best! I think nursing is your calling but the timing isn't always right. Take a break from school, there I nothing wrong with that and schools will not look down on you for it. Get your life in order and take care of what you need to - then pursue nursing!

    As for your gpa, schools will set a minimum gpa to be able to *apply* to the program. Usually It is 2.50-2.75. I'll be complete honest, I don't know anyone who has gotten into a program with a gpa below 3.0. Most schools accept people with gpa's 3.30 and above. Retake the classes you didn't get A's or B's in later and it will bring your gpa up a lot! One C won't hurt but a few will...good luck with everything!
  10. by   BlueChocolateCat
    Unfortunately, it may be too late at this point. At that point in time, you should have contacted the university and explained your situation. They may have given you an extension on the classes (by assigning an "incomplete" for your final grade), or they may have let you withdraw due to your circumstances.

    If I were you, I would have not allowed myself to get "F"s. Generally, you can work around them.

    Hopefully, if you can get an interview, you should explain the situation and offer to provide reasonable documentation related to your situation at the time.
  11. by   tabz4u2
    Hey there, I understand where you are coming from!! Trust me. If those are the minimum requirements, Im pretty sure you can get in. Don't listen to what others are saying that you should of not allowed yourself to fail. Things happen, and LIFE happens. There are certain things that we cannot control. Take me for example, my grandmother died my first day of my clinical orientation this semester, and I had to go to her funeral and I missed my first exam. Then I had to go to court and I missed my first exam for my other class--Both of which are nursing courses. When it comes to life, it happens. If this is what you want as your career, it will happen. Your daughter needs you to focus on your goals, to make a better life yourself and herself. Your mother also probably wants you to finish school as well. So just keep focusing on the important things, and one day, you will definiately be able to get through it! At my school, I am only able to retake a prereq of Science ONCE. Like I can retake Anaatomy and Physiology once. And I can retake Biology once, or Microbiology--That's at my school. Everything else is fine!

    Good luck!
  12. by   SunsetButterfly
    I also recommend talking to your school, it may depend on their policies. One of the schools I am looking at takes the average gpa of ALL the prerequisite classes you took, including the failures. So, even if you get an F on one try and an A on the next, they will average that out to a C.

    Also ask what the average gpa of those accepted to the program. The minimum may be 2.5 but the actual gpa of the students accepted may be much, much higher if the school is competitive.

    If you had more information about the school's policies then you could make an informed decision.

    Good luck!
  13. by   Mandy0728
    Being that you retook the classes & received As, I think that will play well in your favor. I have a 6 year old & know exactly how you feel. Both my parents passed by the time I was 21. I have no family to watch my son & find it completely acceptable as to why u missed classes so much. Do you have an I televise for your program? Maybe you can explain to them the reason behind why u failed those's clear to me that u want it bad enough & it shows a lot that u retook them and aced them!! Good luck to you!!
  14. by   Mandy0728
    Wow I meant to write in my precious post ^^^^ do you have an interview? Lol sorry about that & I meant to say I'm sorry about your mother. Nobody understands unless they've been there & unfortunately I have. Spend as much time with her as possible...I agree with a previous post that maybe you should wait a little bit. I was your age when my mom died & my son was 7 months old. I'm 27 now & am just now applying to the program. I took my time & got my life I'm ready. Don't listen to the people telling u that u shouldn't have allowed yourself to fail...I failed 4 classes & retook them all last semester which drastically improved my gpa. Don't rush it...I know you're anxious to be a nurse, and clearly you're fit for it but your mother and daughter need you right now. Good luck to you again, sweetie! I hope it all works out for you!