Can i bee a nurse if ...?

  1. Hello everyone ,
    I am so happy i found this web.
    So i have a questions for all nurses in here... I always dreamed of being a nurse , so i started to work on my prerequisites, as a part time. I cant do full time as I am a mom of 6 year old girl and almost 3 year old boy , plus my husband is a night shift. I think that explains my part time .Anyways i am almost done with the prerequisites i have micro and a and p left. But this is where the problem is raising ... I am not so good in science my grades are A and B but , i was told ( by my sister in love that's almost done with nursing ) that if i have a hard time with BIO Micro and A and P , than nursing is not for me... which kind of made me scared and made me question if i can do this. I guess what i wanted from some experienced nurses to hear is ''yes its true or no its not''. I love helping people and i don't mind fluids at all. But what if that is not enough to be a nurse !Please help me make a life decision I am 32 and don't want to waist my time.
    Thanks all
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  3. by   OsceanSN2018
    That is not true at all. I think it's normal to struggle in your hard sciences because they are usually the weed out classes and are never meant to be easy. Although, it is good that you made a B or an A in these courses and that shows that you actually put in the time and hard work to get through a hard science class.

    I made a B in A&P II and Gen Chem I but it has not affected me at all in nursing school. Plus, I struggled in all of my science courses, yet I still maintained a 3.84 science GPA.
  4. by   BassCatchingNurse
    I'd say your science classes are very important. Many programs are competitive to get into. They will look at your grades in your science classes for sure. That being said, you say your science grades are A and B which is great. You will want to know and understand the body. You will want to understand what happens at the cellular level. You will need to be able to educate your patients on their disease process. I'd say you can be a nurse. The question is, do you want to? There are many ways to "help people." What exactly about nursing interest you? Does the science interest you at all? You will be getting a science degree. I am not trying to change your mind. There is plenty of room in nursing for you. It is a wonderful profession!! Again, I believe if you want it, you can do it! Just keep in mind, it is a science profession. Yes, we hold hands. We listen. We care, but we also apply scientific knowledge for better patient outcomes. I hope that helps.
  5. by   Bojana
    I do understand that there is many other ways to help people. I asked the question mainly because i wanted to hear an opinion about the fact that someone told me " if you struggle in science classes you want be able to finish nursing school " I am passionate about it and i tray to do what ever i can to get better in understanding science. Thank you for your answer
  6. by   Bojana
    Thanks for your respond
  7. by   Laceyk321
    The sciences are hard no matter what. But what makes someone "good" in sciences? In my opinion, everyone can be good in the sciences, it's just a matter of studying enough. You may have to work a little harder than some but that doesn't mean you can't do it and excel. I also am currently in nursing school, I am almost 40 and I am married with three children. It's all time management and organization. If you can do that you've already set a good foundation for your nursing career. Keep going, your not wasting your time. Good luck!
  8. by   idkmybffjill
    It's less whether learning science comes naturally and easy to you and more if you can put in whatever effort necessary to learn the science you need. I've heard of quite a few people who have gone into nursing school, graduated, and became nurses who weren't gifted or naturally inclined to science. But they were able to put forth the effort they needed to learn everything.

    You might spend more time on studying than someone else, but if you are making A's and B's now, to me that gives an indication that you will be able to learn and do what you need to do to pass. Quite a few people struggle with A&P, especially depending on the difficulty of the professor, so I don't think struggling (esp struggling but still making good grades) or not struggling in those classes is a good sole indicator of future success.
  9. by   Neats
    If you can read you can learn to do anything when you work hard enough. With that said I would really study hard because nursing schools are so competitive now days. I had to go out of state to a nursing school for my BSN. I am not the greatest test taker and my GPA when I graduated was a 3.0 for my BSN. I had to take A&P over as well as Organic Chemistry because the last time I took them they HIV had only 1 paragraph to study it was an up and coming disease, no one really knew what it was...

    I worked hard and graduated.
    Do not let others dictate to you what you should or should not do when it comes to your career. It is good to get feedback but be prepared for those naysayer's who could even be family members. If this is what you have set goals for then do it.
  10. by   mmutk
    My first few years of college I had a 2.5 GPA due to the sciences. I retook those classes later and obtained my associates. Then moved on and got my bachelor's. Now working on my masters. Keep at it don't let a few bad grades get you upset.
  11. by   hmbenn9590
    Personally, making A's and B's in those courses is NOT indicative of a struggle. Maybe you had to work hard to get those grades, but that doesn't mean you struggled. It means you have the ability to do what needs to be done to meet your goal. Are your science prereqs important? Absolutely. Will a good understanding of them make nursing school easier? Certainly. However, if you were able to get those grades then you will be fine. All of those systems (with the exception of musculoskeletal, in my experience) will be reviewed in your nursing courses. They may not do more than a surface level review, but detailed information is in your texts if you happen to need a deeper understanding.

    I think, maybe, you should ignore naysayers and do what you really want to do!
  12. by   AnnieNP
    YES, YES, YES, you can do it.