C in AP? I am all confused

  1. Ok, I have 18 credits,. and hope to start LPN program in January, BUT....I am struggling with AP. I have 18 credits, and doing pretty good in other prereqs: A in English, A in Comp, A in Sociology/Math, B in AP Lab, A in Med Terminology...and so on.....but AP- not so much!

    I got a B on midterms...then series of weekly quizzes with C's and D's with an occasional B twice. So....Monday is our last quiz on Blood vessels. December 10th is the Final exam.

    I don't know if I should drop AP and start in Jnauary, or should I just try my best to get a C in this class, and still apply for the LPN program, hoping they might consider my application?

    All I hear around me is no, they wont even look at C, they will toss your application....no, they wont take those who have no experience in healthcare field (I am a social worker, and a FT student, I do have a CNA lic).....no, they wont look at your appn if you have never even volunteered at a healthcare related facility......blah blah blah blah...

    I am just SO tired of this, I feel like if I don't get into the January semester, I will be the biggest loser ever.

    Just wanted to vent....
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  3. by   FinderKeeper
    I guess I know in my heart that I wont give up. Even if it takes me 5-10 times, I will get into the LPN program.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    As for the negatives you have heard about experience, ignore them! I am a former social service worker, have never worked as a CNA, and was admitted to nursing school last year. In my experience GPAs and test scores count to most schools. Thus, be sure to find out the application eligibility requirements of your school(s) of choice before knocking yourself out of the competition.

    Specifically, check the school's policy regarding penalties for re-taking courses or dropping courses or withdrawing from courses. If there are no penalties, drop and retake your course to improve your GPA.

    BTW, you have the right idea... apply as many times and to as many schools as possible. You never know if you will be attending a particular school until you have received a response. GL. :spin:
  5. by   jackson145
    I'm only going on what my school seems to look for. For RN you basically need A's on the pre-reqs, LPN I've heard of people with all B's. I'd think 1 C and the rest A's would be about as good as all B's. I've never heard of discrimination for not having previous healthcare experience. On the contrary, I've heard instructors say they preferred to start from scratch with people that hadn't picked up any bad habits yet . The reason that a little previous experience is nice is for the person themself. It's nice to be sure that you'll like being a nurse before you put in the time, effort, and $. Some people volunteer someplace and realize it's just not for them. Also, if they won't take anyone who doesn't have medical experience they couldn't take anyone fresh from HS, could they? Don't listen to all that discouragement. If you're talking to other people trying to get into the same type programs they will do anything to psych you out. Even if you pose no actual threat to them, people seem to look at others as potential competition. They're probably just trying to reassure themselves that they will make the cut.
  6. by   FinderKeeper
    I think I will study tonite and tomorrow for the Monday test, then study hard for the Final, and that's all I am going to think about without running ahead of me. I guess people do try to reassure themselves by giving negative feedback to others., or otherwise I am the only person who is struggling and everyone else is getting through AP just fine.

    We had about 30 the first day of class, and now we have 8 or so. People just stopped showing up.

    Well, it is too late to withdraw, so I will have to see what I am gonna get. I am honestly happy with a C because this is something I treally never dealth with - chemistry, microbiology and so on, so I think i am doing my best. Of course, if I am admitted to the LPN prog, I will have to work extra extra hard, but I am prepared for that.
  7. by   FinderKeeper
    as far as med experience, 3 in our class are CNAs, 1 is vet asst, the other is phlebotomist, 2 medical assistants. I think I am the only one who doesnt work in med field, plus another girl who works at Target. thats why it's intimidating to be listening to their "Oh, yeah, I work 4 years as a CNA so I definitely have advantage" type of thing....

    Psych atack!
  8. by   jackson145
    CNA is nothing like LPN or RN. I've worked with nurses and I've also done Tech work. What I did as a Tech was nothing like what I observed the nurses doing. The only advantage would be, they've already been exposed to smells/sounds/sights. Just think about this, there are BSN programs out there where the majority of students are, like 19 years old, and have no job experience at all. I worked in the ED with a gal like that. She did great in school and was a great nurse and she started school with no medical training in her past.
    I've found that the ones who spend a lot of time arguing over what advantages they have over you truthfully know that they themselves might have problems getting in. I'll never understand why making someone else feel bad and worry makes some people feel better.
  9. by   NoviceRN10
    It all depends on what your school looks at for admittance! There's a gal in my micro class that is a CNA but she's struggling in the nursing program. I think having CNA experience would help you with the hands on stuff in lab class, but not the nursing theory applications. You need to talk to someone that goes to the school you are applying to and find out if your overall GPA is all that matters.
  10. by   caliotter3
    If you have not passed the deadline for dropping courses, then drop the course and retake it. As others have said, inquire into the policy regarding repeating courses. Many people retake courses to raise their GPAs. It depends on the programs that you are planning to apply to whether or not repeated classes are accepted. Good luck with your decision.
  11. by   lildan
    I don't think dropping the class this late in the semester maskes sense. Think of it this way, if you have a "C" you have learned at least 70% of what you need in the class. Finish the class and if you need to re-take it, then do so. But with knowing that you do have an edge because you'll be seeing the material a second time - that does'nt mean you get to slack off, it just means that you'll be able to really examine concepts with more depth since you won't have to waste time on the basics. The prof I had to A&P said that sometimes students do need to take her class twice because of the depth of information tied with life in general.

    I would definately apply for the program. At my school, there were tons of rumors about who got in.......you needed As in all the sciences, you needed 22 or 23 points on your application, etc. But, a girl that I am currently taking a class with got into the program with a B in a science and 19 points. I think a lot of the "hype" ay my school is compounded by the fact that they do not release information like average pointsfor most recent class accepted, etc.

    And, if there is a nursing advisor or dean of science/nursing that you could sit down with - do so. He/She may be able to look at your transcripts and offer some guidance.

    Good luck!
  12. by   justme1972
    I don't think that most colleges will allow you to drop a class this late in the semester and get a "W" as a grade.

    Get your "C", apply, and do the best you can. Every school is different, and there is also alot of rumors that go flying around without a shred of truth as far as what the nursing school admissions is looking for.