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  1. It has been a while since I've considered what I've wanted to do with my life. I had a general idea years ago to become a nurse and I loved the idea that there were so many ways to advance within nursing.

    I am putting into consideration what I want to go to school for. I'm 30 years old and would like to get things rolling so I will be going to school for basic classes starting in the spring.

    Now my BSN question is this... I have considered going for my BSN, but I am starting out at a community college. How would I go about doing so? Would I have to get my associates in nursing to be able to branch over to BSN via a university or would I be able to get a general associates degree such as in biology and be able to enter into a university's BSN program?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   BeccaznRN
    It depends on the institution you will be transferring to. If the BSN is a traditional program (pre-licensure as opposed to RN to BSN), then just make sure that the classes you are taking at the community college will transfer and you should be good to go to apply to the BSN program. I did all my prereqs at community colleges (I did not receive an associates) before transferring directly to a BSN program to finish my last two years.
  4. by   Soon2BNurse
    Yes.. it is not a bridge program. It is a 4 year university and it has a BSN program. I just wasn't sure how it would work since I wasn't going to be able to do all 4 years at the university and that I would be transferring.

    Thank you StlRn2b1206
  5. by   SummerGarden
    I have a friend who took most of her BSN pre-reqs (which are pretty much the same as ADN pre-reqs with a few exceptions) at the CC I attend. She took courses that she could not get at the CC from the university she applied too.

    She is not a Registered Nurse and she does not have a previous degree other then a General Science Associates she recently received from the CC I attend. Therefore, she transfered into the 4-year university as a Junior. She is waiting on acceptance into their nursing program for the Fall of 07 (Sometimes you can transfer into a 4-year university but it does not mean you are accepted into the nursing program).

    Your best bet is to look at schools on the web then talk to counselors before signing up for classes. Requirements vary, courses vary, tuition and assistance varies, classes that will transfer vary... etc. Good luck.
  6. by   marilynmom
    It will depends on the school. Some schools gives points for taking classes at their school (and sometimes the students are not aware of this because they don't make it public). I would go and talk to a counselor at the university AND someone in the nursing dept to see how this works at your particular school.

    But usually you can take classes at a CC and go get your BSN. I did. I took almost all of my pre-reqs at a CC that was affiliated with the university I am at now and got into the very competitive BSN program on my first try. I had a really good GPA as well.