A's in Science, B or C+ in stats. Accelerated worthy?

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am very new to this site and am happy to become a part of this community. And of course, to hopefully become a nurse someday.

    I graduated with an BA in Journalism in 2008. Traveled, wrote and decided health care was more suitable for me. I began pre-reqs this summer. AP 1, B+. This fall, I will receive strong A's in AP II, Microbiology and Nutrition.

    However, I am nervous about my statistics grade. It has been a real struggle and I think I will be very lucky to get a B. With this on my transcript, will I still be competitive for Accelerated BSN programs? Do schools take stats as seriously as the sciences?

    I am currently looking at Columbia College in Milwaukee (I am a WI resident), UC Denver and Samuel Merritt in the Bay Area. Will my grades be considered competitive enough? I have a lot of international volunteer experience but no health care experience. At the moment I am in a stable job and can't afford the time to get my CNA, time to head back to full-time employment after this semester.

    Your input is greatly appreciated,

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  3. by   zoe92
    I am not familiar with the schools but I think you should go ahead and apply. Your science classes' grades are high which is excellent. I say go for it.
  4. by   SycamoreGuy
    It really depends on the school. I know of a school that is trying to expand their ABSN program and couldn't fill all of their seats last year so they basically took everyone who meet the minimum requirements. I know of another school who won't take anyone with a GPA less than 3.5 so it really depends. Never hurts to apply. There should be someone in the schools admissions who can give you an idea of what is competitive or not.
  5. by   kmleonard4
    I am only familiar with SMU. I think you should definitely apply, but if you do get a B- or a C you might want to consider retaking it just in case. Samuel Merritt looks at your "last 60" GPA and your "science GPA", which does not include stats (chem, anatomy, physio, and microbio only, if I remember correctly). If your last 60 GPA is already high then a B shouldn't affect your chances too much
    Good luck!
  6. by   wicked_nurse002b
    Hi I'm new to the site but I attend SMU and just want to let you guys know that SMU is highly competitive due to the partnership schools priority. The best time to apply is spring semester. Fall semester is mainly partnership schools with the exception of a few from community college. Best if luck! And study hard for the TEAS!
  7. by   lolads85
    Hi Everyone!

    I know this reply is extremely late but I want to say a big thank you for replying. When I wrote the post I got so addicted to looking over everything so I am finally getting back to this now after completing exams!

    It looks like I have a solid science pre req GPA and unfortunately got a C+ in stats... not sure how I even pulled off the C+!

    @ Wicked_nurse00 and @kmleonard4 I'd like to send you a PM to ask you some questions about Samuel Merritt. I am in the midwest and haven't met anyone yet familiar with the university. Let me know if you are open to it, thanks!
  8. by   WoundedBird
    I applied to UC Denver twice with As in everything and a B in stats with no luck - twice and with a first bachelors degree in sports medicine. The program is BEYOND competitive with well over 1000 people applying for about 200 spots. Just giving you some insight from someone who went through the process.
  9. by   lolads85
    Hi KAR813. Thanks for your post. I have heard it is really competitive. Sounds rough! Have you found schools to apply to that you think are a bit less competitive? Best of luck to you!
  10. by   WoundedBird
    I applied to every University based program in Denver except for Regis with absolutely no luck before we moved back to the hubbs' home state of OH. Closest I got was wait listed at metro during our move last year. I was also in the pool of applicants that applied to the CCD ADN program when they got rid of it after we applied. In a way moving out of Denver was a blessing now that I got into a program in our new home that I never would have thought of last year. Things just have a funny way if working out at times.
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  11. by   wicked_nurse002b
    @ Wicked_nurse00 and @kmleonard4 I'd like to send you a PM to ask you some questions about Samuel Merritt. I am in the midwest and haven't met anyone yet familiar with the university. Let me know if you are open to it, thanks![/QUOTE]

    Sure. I will be more than happy to help
  12. by   lolads85
    Hi Wicked_nurse00

    New to this site so I need to leave a few more comments before I message you. You should hear from me sometime later this week. Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing about the program