Anyone else accepted to Loyola ABSN?

  1. I just got my letter tonight, and am very excited! First day of class is May 21.

    Has anyone else gotten accepted?
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  3. by   medhead
    Woo hoo! Congratulations!
  4. by   ChicagoHopeful
    Congratulations to you!!

    I've been accepted too! I'm still applying to UIC's GEP program, but I'm 90% sure that I'll be at Loyola. I'm so excited! Isn't it great that we'll be nurses by May of next year? Crazy!
  5. by   pbtech
    hi i just got accepted too! very exciting! however, i'm a little concerned about the cost. what do you all think about the tuition and room/board expenses? I'm from out of state so no living at home for me. what made you decide on loyola?
  6. by   wildorchid
    Hmmmm I'm a little concerned now because I still haven't heard from Loyola :uhoh21:
  7. by   GottaGetIn
    Congrats to you guys!
  8. by   ChicagoHopeful
    pbtech--Loyola seems expensive, but remember that it's only 12.5 months. If you take into account a year of lost work income by going to a traditional program, Loyola is actually cheaper than the public university UIC. It's also about the same as Rush University. I'd say it's about average for Chicago. Chicago's a little expensive, but the salaries are higher. If you work here for a couple of years after you get out of school, it should even out. Also, any money you spend is an investment in your future. You could pay the same for a car and have nothing to show for it in 10 years, whereas an education is invaluable the rest of your life!
  9. by   prinsessa
    Congrats to everyone who got in!
  10. by   Trigirl
    Loyola is expensive, but it is a great school, and we'll be done in 12.5 months. I will also need to take out loans to cover my living expenses, as I will continue to live on my own, not on campus. So, I am looking at being in a good deal of debt, but hopefully will get some sort of tuition reimbursement once I am finally out in the workforce, which will hopefully help out quite a bit.
  11. by   SmilingGirl22
    I just got accepted to Loyola's ABSN too! I cannot wait to start- anyone know just how intense the summer semester is supposed to be?
  12. by   wildorchid
    I just got my letter yesterday!!! I am still deciding what school I want to attend...but I am leaning towards Loyola, now knowing I was accepted. I am worried about the intensity....but I can do it!!

    SmilingGirl- you can search for the ABSN curriculum plan on their shows all the courses we take in each semester/quarter...that gives us some idea
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  13. by   pbtech
    Again, congratulations to everyone who got accepted. what are everyone's living situations or plans? I have two friends who live in chicago and are willing to share their 2 bedroom 1 bath apt and possibly me just crash there for a really long time :P but i'm afraid it might be too cramped after a while. does anybody need a roomate or know some really cheap apartments? i'm looking for some inexpensive alternatives to living on campus.
  14. by   sonanurse
    Congrats to all who got accepted. I look forward to eseing you guys in a few weeks!
    I just got orientation info today in the mail. Looks like ABSN students can get health insurance through the school. Anybody know about dental insurance?