Anyone applying to ASN program at Santa Fe CC in Gainesville, FL? - page 2

I just applied for the first time to the RN program at SFCC in Gainesville, FL. They are on a points system and its very competitive like all the other programs out there. Anyway, just wanted to... Read More

  1. by   JSFCC
    I ordered my online background check today and did fingerprints yesterday. I'm 34 so I didn't get alot of the immunizations most of the people starting the class have had. Just because in the early 70's they weren't reccomended. So I'm having to have titers drawn to check for immunity and getting quite a few shots. I also need to take the cpr course. So I've got plenty to do.
  2. by   mrosev14
    That sounds good. Is this the first time you applied to the program? I am taking the CPR class this weekend. I looked at the textbook requirements, but they were much more diverse then just a med dictionary. Where did you look at the requirements?
  3. by   mrosev14
    Does anyone know if we need to get stethoscope?
  4. by   JSFCC
    yeah, it was my first time applying, what about you? i saw there are about 10 textbooks on the list, just some of them don't seem quite as important as others. Do you know what the cutoff for points was this year to get in?
  5. by   mrosev14
    I agree. Some don't seem as important. I found them for a lot cheaper on I want to get a jump start on reading, but don't know where or what to start with.
  6. by   JSFCC
    The book prices are all over the place. One site will have one book cheap and the others not so cheap. I'll have to check
  7. by   mrosev14
    Yeah, just search around. Are you commuting to school or do you live in town?
  8. by   JSFCC
    I live by UF. So it's sort of a commute. Especially since we'll be starting at 9, i'll hit the worst traffic. What about you, are you in Gainesville or out of town?
  9. by   mrosev14
    I'm in Gainesville. I live in the Millhopper area.
  10. by   mrosev14
    What did you do before nursing school?
  11. by   JSFCC
    I've done quite a few different things. Never really found anything I liked all that much. Two of my step brothers went to nursing school and enjoyed it, so I took a few prereqs and really enjoyed them. Now here I am planning to devote two more years to school.
  12. by   JSFCC
    What about you? Have you been in college since high school or did you take some time off in between?
  13. by   mrosev14
    Technically I have been in college since high school....I went to Flagler College for 2 years and then came over here for nursing. That was 2005. I spent the next 2 and a half years finishing my AA. I took a year off, and by took a year off I mean I dropped all my classes because my mom had cancer, and my grandfather passed away (don't they say, "when it rains it pours?") So I dropped basically everything from August 06-May 07. I then busted my butt and did all my sciences the last two semesters. I am. LOL.