Anyone applying for a nursing program where you get your ASN not BSN?

  1. I'm applying for the nursing program at my state college this fall and just wanted to know f anyone else is trying to get into a program where you only get your associates. It would be nice to compare our class load and application processes! I feel like my school doesn't require much on the application other than courses and the NLN. Anyone else? Thanks!
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  3. by   nursingstudentmomof5
    I have applied to both and the ASN program applications were simple. They didn't ask for recommendations or anything they just had me fill out an online application and they did the rest. Once you meet the minimum requirements they have you sit for the exam whether it's the Hesi Teas or Kaplan.
  4. by   hopefulRN'17
    I am applying for an ASN program. I work 40 hours / week so I have to do a part time program. All the schools I am applying to require some math but not a heavy amount. TEAS also. Good luck!!
  5. by   kenee23
    I also applied to a ASN program I am waiting to see if I got in, I had to do A&PI, math, eng, teas exam and some other pre reqs but not to much to apply.
  6. by   acunnin4
    I am applying to an associates nursing program for the fall of 2013. I have to take the HESI A2 exam next month and send that with my application. The application was simple, required no recommendations, etc. I just have to submit an application, my A2 scores, a transcript, and proof of my Hep B vaccinations. I have already finished all of my pre-reqs (A&P 1, A&P 2, Composition 1, Computer Competency class, and Probability & Statistics) and my co-reqs (Microbiology, General Psychology, Fundamentals of Speech, and Humanities/Fine Arts Elective - I chose Music Appreciation). I even took a few extra classes that I thought may help me, such as CPR/First Aid and Medical Terminology.

    If I do good on my A2 exam and all goes well, then I will only have 6 more required classes -
    Nursing Concepts, Skills, and Processes
    Nursing Process I
    Nursing Process II
    Nursing Process III
    Nursing Process IV

    Good luck with your application!
  7. by   kenee23
    Good luck I have only Stats and Geography to take and I am taking them this summer and If I get in I only have my nursing courses to take also. Good luck. What school are you applying too?
  8. by   MommaTy
    I got accepted to an ADN program which is associates. Good luck.
  9. by   SopranoKris
    I just got accepted into an ADN program (associates of applied science in nursing). They have a points-based admissions program as follows:

    In-district residency
    Pre-req GPA
    Completion of co-reqs
    Paid direct patient care experience hours
    Volunteer hours
    Completion of CNA, Phlebotomy, EMT-Basic or Intro to Health Professions

    You get points based on the categories above. The required pre-reqs are: Writing 121, Intermediate Algebra, Anatomy, Healthy Lifestyles and Psychology. You get additional points if you complete all the co-reqs: Physiology, Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Pharmacology, Human Growth & Development, Humanities (core), Communications (core).

    If you are accepted, you can be placed into the full-time 2-Year track or the part-time 3-Year track. The part-time track allows you to work up to 20 hours per week while you're going to school. I was placed in the 3-Year track, so I'm going to work on courses towards the BSN while I'm completing the ADN. That way, when I'm done with my ADN, all I have left to do is my clinicals for the BSN The university where I want to get my BSN has an agreement with our school that will allow you to do this if you're currently an ADN student.
  10. by   besaangel
    mine is very similar to ^^... kinda creepy similar lol except we need medical math not algebra