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I live in Virginia; a wife & mother to a 4-year old and 10-year old. Right now I am currently finishing up pre-reqs for the associate degree...then its onto the nursing/clinical protion classes in... Read More

  1. by   catzy5
    Quote from Mom2J&B
    I will hopefully be in that graduating class as well. I never realized there were so many pre-reqs to take I am mom to DS, soon to be 14 and DD who just turned one. I have a BA from Fordham University and "hoping" I only have to take A&P I, II and Microbiology. If all goes accrding to plan I will start in the Spring.

    Good luck to everyone on the start of their career paths
    I hadn't put a number to it but now that I think about it I should be an 2010 grad too if all goes according to plan, I am taking my final sciences this year should be finished end of spring and apply in the fall 07 for the spring 08 session. If i continue maintaining my 4.0 I don't see why I shouldn't get in, if I don't well then I don't know what year I will graduate or if I ever will LOL. So I hate to jinx it and call myself a 2010 grad lol.

  2. by   SummerGarden
    I will be int the Spring class of 2010 if I do not get accepted for the class that begins this Spring. Wishing everyone lots of luck either way!
  3. by   LUXOR21
    I am impatiently waiting for the mailman to come and bring me my acceptance letter. I hope all goes according to plan because I only applied to one school. If all goes well I will start classes summer 2007 and finish in spring 2010. I am thrilled to say the least!!! Good luck to all of you.:spin: