Anatomy and Physiology Requirement and Planning Help

  1. Does anatomy and physiology have to be taken at the same school? I am trying to transfer from Cal Poly SLO, which does not have a nursing program to San Jose State as a pre-nursing major. Does anyone have any recommended order of classes I should take for the next 2 quarters I have at Cal Poly as I wait to transfer to a school with nursing.

    General Chemistry 2
    Developmental Psychology
    GE (maybe)

    General Chemistry 3
    Philosophy GE (critical thinking)
    Anthropology GE

    Anatomy at a city college

    Then, I will have physiology, and microbiology for the next year. Is there a way I could knock those out as soon as possible or am I rushing it if I try to take them all at once.
    I have ap credit in english and psychology. Do you recommend retaking psychology or is it fine because I have a score of 3 in english and 4 in psychology?
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  3. by   tyvin
    Of course you can transfer. No, it doesn' need to see what the two schools are in agreement with as far as credits.

    I would change Nutrition to spring and change it up and take Philosophy or Anthro in the winter if you can. Philosophy is a course that you should take when you have heavy other ones. Nutrition is a very intense course (leastwise when I took it) that with psych and chem would seem heavy unless you had to do it that way. Anthro was also an easy one for me as well but I really enjoyed it and had a great professor.

    What about English Comp...?
  4. by   iheart
    Is it worth it to retake my english composition class if I only have a 3 on my ap test. Do I need it for nursing? Ive already taken my argumentation english class and a public speaking class.
  5. by   Skybang6
    Unless your 50 take your time. And be sure they transfer every school has their own rules... remember it's still a business.
  6. by   tyvin
    Check with the nursing program yourself and have all the info related to what you've done so far with the English comp. In my BSN program it was higher but that was a long time ago and so many things have changed. To make sure you have all the credits required check with the school. You could probably go online and check out what's required for the program as well.
  7. by   leenak
    You might want to ask your potential future program about taking AP1 and AP2 at different schools. I had a friend that was applying to a nursing program but they told her that because schools address AP1&2 differently and you may miss something by taking it at different schools that they required AP1&2 be taken at the same school. How about taking Microbiology in the summer?