All your eggs in one basket, anyone?

  1. So when I am done playing Army I plan on moving to San Antonio Tx. The school of choice is UIW, yes I realize there are 'better" options (according to what I have read about the school) but that is where I wanna go. My GPA was in the sewer for a while after when I started junior college in 06', I figured I'd end up at some over priced trade school cuz I wasn't "university" material. But then I found UIW, and said, "Why the hell not?" Got my act together and started getting straight A's, I was bound, focused and determined! Well...I did get a B in chemistry, but that is my kryptonite. I wanna re-take a couple classes I got C's in when I was a loser student (Psychology, Nutrition) Yeah...I didn't show up to class very much. But as of now my GPA isn't so bad, 3.5...I'm hangin in there.

    Gotta few more classes to take and I'm good to go! My only choice is UIW...I feel like I should apply to other programs but I feel like I owe UIW some weird loyalty for giving me something to believe in *sarcastic tear*

    I'm basically gonna move down there and I'm livin on a prayer I get in (I would've moved there anyways). Any of you lot only apply to one school and hope for the best?
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  3. by   Everline
    Yes, I put all my eggs in one basket—and they are all safe, no cracks. :-)

    I hope you get into the school of your choice.
  4. by   i♥words
    Yes, I only applied to one. I should hear this month, so I guess I'll see if I made a good decision or not.
  5. by   Sfrazilus
    I applied to only one BSN school and didn't get in. Ended up pursuing an ADN which would be fine except most hospitals in NJ will only hire BSN recent grads. With luck and persuasion, I might find one that'll hire me while I'm pursuing a BSN, but that means tuition reimbursement ain't gonna happen.
    Hope you get your choice of school.
  6. by   Kdrenee
    I only applied to one as well! Just found out I was accepted! Good luck!!!
  7. by   queserasera
    I'm also planning on applying to only one BSN program. I just don't want to go to another. The school I chose is the best BSN prgram in the area and I don't want to settle on another!