ADN w/ BS degree Not Nursing to NP.

  1. Hello!

    I am new to this forum and would like to see if I can get some advice. I am working on my Associates in nursing. I already have a non-nursing BS and a graduate certificate in public health. I am looking for an NP program that would fit my needs? Do any of you have any thoughts?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    With VERY few exceptions- you will need to complete a BSN before enrolling in an NP program. The good news is that with a previous bachelor's, this is accomplished rather quickly once you pass NCLEX at a large number of schools.
  4. by   New Starts
    Thank you so much, meanmaryjean!

    I am wondering what those schools might be? The probelm I have is I can't get any funding for more undergraduate classes, I am paying for the associates out of pocket. The accelerated BSN programs I have looked into cost a fortune. If I could find a graduate program I could use PLUS loans to pay for it.
  5. by   MyAimIsTrue
    You should google something like "direct entry nursing masters." You can become an NP without a BSN in a few schools, like UCSF, UCLA (I think), maybe Vanderbilt and Colombia. UCSF is EXTREMELY competitive and I don't know about the others.
  6. by   New Starts
    Thank you, I saw there was on at Vandy, but I have not reviewed the others. I would imagine they are all pretty competitive, which scares me. My grades are good for nursing old undergrad grades not so much. The GRE scares me to death as I am not good at standardized testing.
  7. by   elkpark
    The accelerated BSN programs with which I'm familiar are all pre-licensure BSNs programs for non-nurses. Once you have an ADN and are licensed as an RN, you would only need a BSN completion program, not another pre-licensure nursing program. There are many BSN completion programs which only take about a year and don't cost much (certainly not as much as an accelerated BSN). When I returned to school to complete a BSN (having originally completed a diploma nursing program), I was able to complete the degree in three semesters and easily pay for it out of pocket as I went (this was at a local state university). There are some MSN programs that will take ADN grads without a BSN, but Vandy is the only one I know of for sure. Of course, looking for programs with just the ADN will significantly restrict your choice of programs.

    Re: MyAim's suggestion of a direct entry MSN program, that is a possibility, but those are pre-licensure programs for non-nurses. If that was what you wanted to do, you would need to drop out of your ADN program. And they, also, tend to be very expensive and competitive (although you presumably would have increased options for student loans in a graduate program instead of another undergrad program.

    Best wishes for your journey!
  8. by   New Starts
    Thank you so much for your advice. I am looking at one at Frontier Nursing University? Is any one familiar with it?
  9. by   New Starts
    Well I just researched Frontier and their program is Associates to MSN bridge program, nothing about the second BS degree.
  10. by   verene
    Here is a list of ADN-MSN bridge programs: RN to MSN Degree Programs by State
  11. by   New Starts
    Verene, you rock!
  12. by   tnbutterfly
    Take a look at the allnurses Accredited Nursing Schools with Peer Reviews. You will find program information as well as personal reviews by peers. You can search by programs offered.
  13. by   southshore2014

    I am a RN with an ADN with a previous BS in psych. I am starting my MSN in a NP track at Regis College in Mass (online) as of January.
  14. by   New Starts
    Southshore, thank you so much.