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  1. Hey everyone,

    I just found out that I have been accepted to Oral Roberts University Fall 09 BSN nursing program. I applied there about 3-4 weeks ago and just got an email from them regarding my acceptance. I called admissions to make sure and they verified that I was accepted into the Nursing program and the letter of acceptance is on its way. I am waiting to here from other colleges, but glad that I have been accepted.

    I kinda tested myself as I was accepted to a diploma nursing school almost 2 years ago but did not attend at the time because of the price of the school and me being employed at a full-time job I decided to hold my goal to obtain nursing since I had to support myself and could not do that at that time. Now that I have been laid off, exactly a month ago, I decided to go back and study nursing. I applied to BSN programs a week after my lay off. I know, I know, very late since I applied to all my schools the first week of May about 3 - 4 weeks ago. I can't believe that this actually worked knowing how hard it was the first time to get accepted to school it took months before I found out I was accepted. It's kinda shocking to realize that in 3 weeks, from literally not even thinking about going to school since I was working full time, that I would be accepted to ANY school at this point.

    God works in mysterious ways and I feel very blessed. Yes I was laid off and decided oh well better go to school now then sit around waiting on another job.

    I'm waiting on acceptance to other programs before I make my decision. But very happy I've been accepted to this program, if the other ones don't fall through I am atleast guaranteed a spot right now.

    If anyone is willing to move out of state (I applied to places around the country as I can move anywhere at this point), apply to direct admit BSN programs*. Those are the ONLY programs I applied to and there are various direct admit BSN programs, all of them private colleges and universities. I noticed most of them are Christian schools so if you don't mind that (just in case you didn't know and are not religious most of them have mandatory weekly churches you attend) go ahead and contact those schools you can find out about direct admit BSN programs by doing a search here at Allnurses.

    *Direct admit BSN programs are programs where you apply to the college or university and do not have to apply to a separate nursing program. If you are admitted into the college you are admitted into the nursing program. I guess you can say it's the normal admission program for most majors at schools since most of them like business, biology, etc., you don't have to apply separately from undergrad admissions*
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    Thanks NiaSmith
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    I was wondering what your profile looked liked when u applied hope you dont mind. I am currently doing my research for a program... thankss
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    Got accepted to a couple other schools but have decided on going to Oral Roberts University. It's got MSN programs, division I school, and less than 4k people in it, and I received a 20k scholarship. So I will fit in I think even though I'm liberal lol. But its easy for me to adapt, heck I was in the Army for 6 yrs so I KNOW I can adapt.
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    Congratulations! Just to let you know I have just submitted my application online. Hopefully, I would be able to get into the program. I am a transfer student. Right now, I am attending another Christian School but in waiting list. Tired of waiting and waiting. Dont want to waste any time anymore. Thanks for sharing us your experience and information.
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    Quote from rterra3

    I was wondering what your profile looked liked when u applied hope you dont mind. I am currently doing my research for a program... thankss
    Well I completed most of my Gen. Ed, like Religion (still have to take 2 religion classes from ORU), English, Psychology (including Development), A & P (with Labs), Sociology, Arts, History, German, Health, Intro. to Comps, and other Business type classes (Finance, Economics, etc.) from my prior college major of Business Law. I know I need to take Micro, Chemistry and Statistics (which I will take at ORU) before I start clinical with them but once I finish those I immediately start clinicals (and when I finish a NSG class they have).

    The one thing I REALLY love about this school is that fitness/physical education classes are MANDATORY every semester. They range from swimming, yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, mountain biking, horse back riding, etc. You name it they got it. So hopefully this will keep the weight gain in check while your in college, but most importantly in achieving better health!

    I am waiting on my schedule for Fall, since they schedule your classes you don't pick your schedule the first time. I am a transfer student and will be a sophomore this year. Hoping they put NSG fundamentals for Fall so I don't have to take that in the Spring. I had a cum gpa range of 3.3-3.5 gpa LOL, sorry I went to a few schools but none of the transcripts were less than 3.1 so I don't know what my cumulative gpa is which is what they use to determine if you get a transfer scholarship or not. Obviously it was good enough for me to get a 20k scholarship. Anyways hopes that helps, try applying with them I think their online application is free if I'm not mistaken.
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    I am in the exact same phase as you. I am a pre-nursing student at Houston Baptist University. I graduated with my Associate from Community College in Spring 2009. Passed Hesi A2, My Cum is 3.3 along with HBU credits and some credits are in progress to build HBU GPA. Only thing is about HBU you have to spend at least one whole year taking other pre-nursing requirments along with religion before your clinicals. I still didn't get accepted for Fall 2009. Now I have to wait until Spring 2010. Only God knows, even they will let me start by Spring 2010 or not. I am getting frustrated and tired of waiting and waiting like you...
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    The school seems really interesting now, no application fee & PE classes. Thank you for the info.
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    Hey Cherish,

    Is there any nursing test? cuz I have already passed Hesi A2 at Houston Baptist University with good scores. I am currently attending pre-nursing program though. Already have taken religion, kinesiology, medical terminology and maths for critical thinking for nursing. My GPA is 3.3 but still didn't get into Fall 09. Do you think if I transfer from this school to ORU they will admitt me to start clinical in Fall 09? If so, I would not mind to pack and move right away. Do you know any of the contacts at ORU that I can call and talk to?