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Hello, For those of you that have attended information sessions lately, what are the numbers looking like for Accelerated BSN programs? How many seats vs. how many applicants. Anyone looking at... Read More

  1. by   ChocoholicRN
    I applied to the UMass Amherst accelerated program that just started this January. I ended up not getting accepted. The school itself had told me earlier that last year they accepted about 50 students out of the total 80 or so applicants. Well, this year they still had only 50 seats for over 115 applicants, so its getting more competitive. See if the schools will tell you how many applications they've received so far, so you know your odds ahead of time. Good luck!!
  2. by   Kathyz
    In Chicago they get 350 applicants for 60 spots.
  3. by   VYisgod
    Quote from Josh L.Ac.
    I recently got accepted into the accelerated BSN program at Research College of Nursing in KC,MO. During the interview process, I was told that the school has more of a rolling admissions process, so it was difficult to get numbers. What I did find out is that about 120 are accepted, only 80 actually start the program, and that the attrition rate in program is very low.
    Congratulations! Do you think you'll attend? I heard that there's not much to do in Kansas City.
  4. by   iop123
    anyone applying to omaha methodist college? Or know what their rates of acceptance look like? anyone go to OMC?
  5. by   PQRSTmammaRN
    University of Michigan gets about 300 apps I think and they're taking 67 this year.
  6. by   vhinrich
    Indiana University at South Bend:

    8 seats and 44 applicants...

    I wonder why only 8 seats