A&P before Microbiology??

  1. I can register for my fall classes on Friday and was either going to take A&P or Micro. I'm taking general biology over the summer. Do I need A&P for Micro? Do I need Micro for A&P? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   emt0089
    I did not need A&P for Micro, or Micro for A&P. I'm assuming the prerequisite is either an Intro/General Biology and/or Chemistry, but I would check the course catalog at your school to be certain.

    I would suggest taking A&P I in the fall because the first course in a sequence like A&P is (typically) only offered in the fall. In other words, it may be more difficult to find or register for A&P I in the spring as opposed to Microbiology which is not in a sequence and could be offered during either semester. For my school, if I didn't take A&P I in the fall I would have had to wait another year to begin the sequence or take it in the summer. However, the bottom line is that it just depends on the school, what and when it is offered, and your preference :-)

    I found that my background with A&P I and II was helpful when applying the material in Microbiology to the human body, but when I took Micro I primarily relied on my General Biology and Chemistry background. I hope that helps a little bit, best of luck to you!
  4. by   7237dallas
    Yes, sorry, I probably wrote my thread wrong. I don't mean "need" as in pre-req need, but more knowledge base, is it more beneficial to have taken one before the other to help with the material? Hope that's a little more clear. But you did answer my question Thanks!
  5. by   Trenata
    Typically it is Gen Biology, A&P I then II, and mircro - this is the order I am taking them and a chem class last because it was the only time it would work for me. At my university it is required to take Gen Bio before either A&P or micro.
  6. by   maddiem
    Take micro after A&P! I did gen bio, A&P 1 and 2, and then micro.
  7. by   Fireman767
    the cycle is supposed to go Gen bio 1, then A&p 1, then A&P 2, then micro. Micro goes into depth about A&P 1 and 2 with different system assessments and conditions and genetics and such, so if you go into micro before A&P, it makes it much much harder. And don't take A&P 1 and micro at the same time, thats usually way too much stuff to prepare for.

    But do what suits you.
  8. by   lauraline
    I did my prerequisites in this order: microbiology, physiology, then anatomy.

    But only because that's what was available at the time, that would fit my schedule.

    If I had a choice, I probably would have done the "A & P" before the micro. But only because that seems to be what most people do. However, I had 0 problems in the order that I completed it. In fact, I got all A's. And in microbiology I learned my cellular biology so well, that by the time I got to physiology class everything at the cellular level felt like it was review. And I felt like I was ahead.

    But I think that the particular "order" you take these classes in probably depends on how your school structures the material. At my school it didn't matter. Ask you advisor or the professors for each class to give you a better idea.

    On a side note, microbiology was the most fun ever. My favorite class!
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  9. by   nsummer
    I took A&P I and II before Micro. Having a&p II really helped me by preparing me for micro and would recommend taking it before, not at the same time if you can avoid it.
  10. by   Boxer Mama
    I would recommend A&P before micro. I know my prof. had asked who had taken A&P first, and then she said she wished it was a requirement that A&P be completed first. By the time you are done with bio and A&P, a lot of what is presented to you in micro will be partly a review.
  11. by   lalacb123
    I took A&P I, then A&P II, then Micro.
  12. by   Mandy0728
    I already took A&P I a year ago. I'm taking both Bio and Micro this semester & they both go hand in hand with what were learning. You kinda need an anatomy background to do micro since it will help but at my school you can't take micro until u take A&P I
  13. by   zoe92
    I took general bio, then micro (with nutrition), then a & p 1 (with chem) & now a & p 2. I was fine with it. Some of the material overlapped but not much.
  14. by   jan6161
    [QUOTE="7237dallas;7246038"]I can register for my fall classes on Friday and was either going to take A&P or Micro. I'm taking general biology over the summer. Do I need A&P for Micro? Do I need Micro for A&P? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated[/QUOTE

    Taking anatomy 1 first would be beneficial but you should definitely have some chemistry first. Micro goes into detail about cellular respiration and metabolic pathways which are briefly covered in anatomy 1. Most students at my school take intro or general biology chemistry at the same time then anatomy 1 then take anatomy 2 and micro at the same time. Micro is hard but having chemistry and anatomy 1 helps a lot.