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So I am pretty excited about taking A&P in the fall. The only thing they worries me is the dissection portion in lab. What exactly will be doing?... Read More

  1. by   microtutor
    We did cats in A&P I and II, and we did the sheep brain and eye in A&P I. I personally really did not like the smell, but its nothing you can't get through.

    The person who got to do cadavers was *lucky*!!! I wish I could have done that. It would be so helpful in terms of learning to actually see the inside of a human body, as opposed to an animal.
  2. by   studentLJinCA
    For our class we did the sheep heart, eyeball, cat, and then a cadaver.
    I would say the hardest for me was the cat, oddly enough.
    The cadaver was really strange at first... I couldn't get over the fact that it was a human body. But after a while, it became less weird and it was the most interesting section of the class! After looking at a textbook and lecture slides, it was cool to actually see the real thing (muscles and internal structures).
  3. by   Seth O Scope
    oh I loved the dissections we dissected a brain, eye, heart and cat; very cool and interesting. One thing to prepare for these things stink pretty bad and dont wear clothing you care about because some parts can squirt. One poor guy in our lab got sprayed in the face from the cat. Good luck
  4. by   lina.561
    I hope Palm Beach State has the students practice on cadavers! That would be exciting!