A&P II Winter/Spring '08 - page 3

Since I see the sticky already for A&P 1, why not start one for A&P II? I'll be starting January 7th. :)... Read More

  1. by   NA-RN-2b
    Hi all,

    I'm in also my first day will be jan. 7th. Good luck to all.:spin:
  2. by   Kensington
    Quote from greekisfun
    I'm starting January 25th and i'll be taking microbiology too!
    I'm taking physiology (not A&P II) and micro together. Should be a busy semester!!
  3. by   Futurenurse86
    Im taking A&P1 too...I start Jan 9th
  4. by   Maryxxiv
    Hello!! I'm new, don't know what's a sticky... but I'm taking A&P II and Micro on Spring (Start Jan. 8). so I'm in!
  5. by   SunnyCaRN
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm taking A&P II and Micro this semester. Good luck everyone I start on the 22nd.
  6. by   kingston6
    Hi can you send me the notes for A&P1 cant find your posting
  7. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    I'll be starting January 7th as well. Can't wait until it's all over with.
  8. by   Spyral
    Bring it onnnnnnnnn january 25th. I hate a and p but bring it onnnnnnnnnn
  9. by   NYC Nurse Wannabe
    I am starting A&P 2 also this spring 08 at BMCC in the NYC on Jan 28. I studied really hard in A&P1.. It paid off I got an A-. What should we be aware of in A&P2?.
  10. by   mom_of_four
    I get to take A&P 2 this semester too.
  11. by   nursenorris
    Count me in I start next friday! Found out today I have a really hard prof but I can handle it I was wondering how the class was going for those that have started?
  12. by   smilingjaguar
    We have a pretty cool (although pretty tough) A&P prof who likes to go off on tangents. He tried to hit the ground running but we ended up talking about hunting, Britney Spears, and Dr. Phil. He's the type with the superlong, write what you know exams, but at least the class is enjoyable...even if my hand is worn out at the end of his tests.
  13. by   daisyfleur70
    First day back was yesterday. I have the same instructor as before. After the lecture last night and the way she broke down the grades and expectations, I'm a little nervous. There are more points to earn, exams are worth more, homework worth less , there's a project in addition to a cumulative final AND the last exam. It also looks like to maintain the grade I got for A&P 1 I'll have to put in even MORE hours studying outside of class (and it was pretty hard to pull that off last quarter).

    We're kicking off with the endocrine system...yay chemistry:icon_roll

    I'm glad there's only one lab per week, and that I will be finishing earlier in the evening than I did last quarter, I'm going to need the extra time!

    Good luck everyone!