A&P 1 Spring 08

  1. Hi y'all! Anybody taking A&P 1 this coming spring semester? I'm trying to get as many pre-req's out of the way as possible and could use a study buddy or 2! Thanks!
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  3. by   AlishiaRN77
    I will be taking A&P 1 Spring semester, as long as I can get in. I don't register for classes until November 5th but will let you know as soon as I find out!
    would love to join ya on studies etc if I do get the class.
  4. by   PreRN Katie
    Awesome! I don't register til about then either but hopefully we'll both get the classes we need and we can study together. I figure that's the easiest way to get through a hard class!
  5. by   AlishiaRN77
    Definitely a great way to have a study buddy. I'm nervous about taking the class but looking forward to it as well. Have you started reading up on anything? I actually purchased the coloring books for anatomy and physiology on amazon and purchased a nurse school entrance exam book to start way ahead...lol. I really want this so i'm trying to get ahead as much as possible.
  6. by   PreRN Katie
    I actually started the course once before and had to withdraw b/c of some extenuating circumstances so I pretty much know what I'm up against. I need to get a study book for the NET and those coloring books sound like a good idea too! I saved all my notes from the last time I attempted the class so hopefully with those we can be ahead of the game. Wish I didn't sell those books back though!
  7. by   Lennonninja
    I'm already enrolled for A&P 1 in the spring I'm working ahead by listening to A&P podcasts from a different school while I'm at work every day
  8. by   txmommyof3
    I too am taking A&P 1 in the spring. Trying to decide if I should take it alone or with Eng Comp 2 or with A&P 2. So many choice.
  9. by   KING03
    I'm also taking A&P 1 in the spring. I'm sure I'll need some study buddies. I've had not taken a college course in 9 years.
  10. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I'm on board for Spring. A & P 1 and sociology. I was going to take it this semester but being a new mama I decided to take just 1 more semester off. Registration starts next week and I can't wait!!
  11. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    I will be taking it in spring also! There is an AP class going on at the same time as my chem class in the room across the hall. I commented to a few students of that class that I am dreading that class next semester and they all said it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be...
    Fingers crossed! There is hope...lol!
  12. by   PreRN Katie
    I'm so excited that there's a bunch of us going through the class at the same time! I'm sure if we just pool our resources and study hard we'll be fine! The class shouldn't be too bad, it's just a ton of memorization. But hey, it's what we have to do to be nurses. One of the really well-respected profs on my campus sells a course packet with notes and study tips and body diagrams so I went ahead and got it. That should be a big help. Thanks again to everybody for responding!
  13. by   AlishiaRN77
    I've been looking around on the other forums and saving links to the A&P sites for study tips, guidelines, etc. They have been helping me tremendously for preparing. I know i'm jumping the gun but I really want to do well.
    I too haven't been back to school in years so i'm nervous also. But I know that whatever I put my mind to I can achieve.
    I want to be a nurse so badly that I can taste it...lol. It's interesting how deep down inside you feel a "calling" but never sure if things could ever pan out. Well, now at 35, i'm going to make that dream come true.
    Where do you all see yourself in say......10 years??

    I think having that goal in mind, your drive stays strong and will continue to grow.

    As for me..in 10 years....
    Working as a nurse with a few years experience and finally trying out travel nursing and going to other states. Very excited about this!!

    Here are some of the sites that I have saved under my favorites to help me along for next semester...

    1. http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/site...y_partner.html

    2. http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/home_pag...nBiodyssey.htm

    3. http://msjensen.cehd.umn.edu/WEBANAT...lf/default.htm

    4. http://ec.hku.hk/mt/dictiona.htm

    These are also sites that I found around the forum, so thank you to the people who posted these websites!!
  14. by   FutureRN1908
    I'm looking to start with A&P I in the spring even though registration isn't for another month or so. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to take it alone or with another class. I am so scared. This will be my first class toward my prerequisites and it feels like I have such a long way to go!