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Hi y'all! Anybody taking A&P 1 this coming spring semester? I'm trying to get as many pre-req's out of the way as possible and could use a study buddy or 2! Thanks! :)... Read More

  1. by   PreRN Katie
    Hey Walktheline! I'm from Canton, GA, yourself? Just as an update for everybody I'm submitting my app to a community college in the next day or so and then will be submitting my app to their nursing program as soon as I have my acceptance letter...hoping to start Fall 08...if not I'll try again for Fall 09. I have more school options then anyway but it would be wonderful if I could start this coming August. I've already started studying for A&P, I look over my flashcards almost every night...probably makes me a huge nerd but I'll do whatever I have to for an A!
  2. by   will18

    Hi. I'm from North Carolina.
  3. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from PreRN Katie
    Please make this thread a sticky if you don't mind! It's already got quite a bit of useful info. Thanks so much!

  4. by   walktheline
    Hi, Will18:

    I am right across the border in South Carolina! To be honest, I am trying to get on the list to start Clinicals next Fall in Respiratory Therapy because I am not on the list to start Clinicals in Nursing until the Spring of 2010! Yes, 2010! Well, I am not waiting around that long. My interests lie in Cardiology, Pulmonary, and Surgery. I've even thought about becoming a PA some time in the future. But first I have to get through A&P!LOL


    I don't know how to make a Sticky.

    Just curious, does anyone have to work their way through school (like I do)?
  5. by   Momma2003
    Hi: I'm taking A&P 1 and Chem in the SP08. I could use a study buddy as well
  6. by   Momma2003
    I'm a NERD!! That sounds great!! What school's podcast are you listening too & how can I access them? Very interested...I'm starting A&P 1 & Chem SP08 @ QC in Boston
  7. by   Knorremeisje
    I'm already in A&PI (online) but I started late in October, so the class will continue until early February for me. I though I might as well follow up with this thread as well!

    Good luck to you all!
  8. by   brendadoug
    How is it going online with A&P? I am curious about the labs, how is that working
  9. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Quote from brendadoug
    I too am taking AP 1 along with Life Span Development, both classes are on-line (RODP) so I am hoping I do well and you all can help. I also work full-time, but i know I can do it

    I just finished taking Life Span online! I know every teacher is different but my class was not too bad. If I can help you out with anything at all let me know!!

  10. by   Knorremeisje
    Quote from brendadoug
    How is it going online with A&P? I am curious about the labs, how is that working
    So far it's going great. It's a LOT of work. Since there is no real lecture time, there is no instructor to put emphasis on anything. So basically we need to know everything the handbook and lab manual (Human Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb). The labs are from the standard lab manual. We have a set of DVD's called Human Anatomy and Physiology Revealed from a university in Ohio. These DVD's have awesome step by step dissection of a human cadaver. It's really very detailed and realistic. We don't really DO labs, we read about them and use the DVD. Then we just turn in the set of questions at the end of the lab.

    All things considered, I really enjoy studying on my own. I feel like I learn a lot more this way. I also enjoy not having to drive to class or having a noisy neighbor. I do spend a lot of time on this class, really about 16-20hrs/week. I also combine it with ENG101 and CHM130, also online.

    Good luck everyone!
  11. by   PreRN Katie
    So this is kind of random but what do you guys think about combining A&P and Chem classes together in the same semester? I'm considering it, but it scares me to death. I tried to do this exact same thing a few years back but I freaked out and withdrew from everything. Now I'm older and better able to handle the stress and the work...but I don't want to screw myself over again. I have a lot of respect and admiration for everyone on here who works so hard, so what do y'all think? Should I go for it or break it up and do one science at a time? I'm sticking with A&P I this spring no matter what, by the way .
  12. by   Minty80
    Hey guys,
    I am also taking Anatomy and physiology I in this spring. Can you guide me which books or study material is commonly used for this class?
  13. by   Knorremeisje
    I'm combining A&PI, Chemistry, and English. I also work part-time. So far, I have A's in everything. It's all about planning and time management. I'm sure that if you put your mind to it, that you can do it! Good luck!