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Hi y'all! Anybody taking A&P 1 this coming spring semester? I'm trying to get as many pre-req's out of the way as possible and could use a study buddy or 2! Thanks! :)... Read More

  1. by   SunsetLover
    Thanks for all the helpful links and recommendations!!

    I totally missed the 2nd page of this thread! I'm a little slow today! Just got back from vacation! My last big one (besides visiting family or a quick road trip getaway) for the next three years now that I've decided to become an RN! We went to Maui to celebrate my hubby's 40th birthday!

    I am 29 and glad to see I'm not the only one who will be in their 30s when graduating! Haven't taken a college course in 8 years and haven't take a Biology class in at least 11 years! Ugh!!

    I have a bachelors in business admin/marketing and am going to get an ADN (different than an ASN). To get my BSN would be so many pre-reqs (I took only Physics for my science courses) while with ADN, I'm only lacking A&P I and the Basic Health Profession Skills. So I can take those this Spring, apply in June, and hopefully start NS the next Spring.

    I am so excited to have a game plan in place! We are saving up the money for NS over the course of 2008 and then I will be so excited to quit my job and focus purely on nursing school! (which I know will be hard but hopefully more manageable without a job!!!)

    I think I would like to be a postpartum care nurse but realize I will probably find tons of great areas I will be interested in!
  2. by   PreRN Katie
    Of course! Everybody on this site is so helpful, check out the first page or so of this thread and there's a ton of links for other websites and books that help make this subject (and others) a bit easier. I'm in my 20's too and will have my BS in May in another field. I'm also going for my Associates in Nursing because of all the prereqs required for a BSN...that and I want to avoid chem at all costs . What is the difference in an ADN and ASN? I'm not sure which one I'm going for...I guess whichever school will let me in! Plus you can always go back and do a bridge program to get your BSN if it becomes necessary to have one. I bet Maui was beautiful!
  3. by   SunsetLover
    I am 100% with you on avoiding chem!!!!

    From what I understand (if anyone knows different, please feel free to interject), an ADN becomes an RN while an ASN program doesn't always...there are ASN programs for LPN and LVNs. Everyone tells me to definitely not do the ASN...go for the ADN if doing an associates. I just did a little googling and most ASN programs I found did not mention becoming an RN.

    In any case, make sure the degree program at the schools you are applying to are designed to get you to where you want to be.

    For me that's an RN with the possibility to do a BSN if I should want to in the future. I think because I have a bachelors already that a BSN is not a huge priority for me. I want to be a nurse and take advantage of the flexibility of 3-12 hours days with the possibility of picking up extra shifts and in the future, also have the opportunity to work only 1 or 2 days/week. (when we have children and such)

    Maui was beautiful! Time went by too fast!
  4. by   PreRN Katie
    I looked at all the school programs I'm considering and to be honest, I can't even tell if it's an ADN or ASN. I suppose one stands for Associates Degree in Nursing and one stands for Associates of Science in Nursing? Who knows, anyways all the programs I'm looking into say that students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN upon graduation. I'm with you, I just want the quickest way to be a RN. They sit for the same boards as BSN students and I want to do bedside anyway. If I wanted to manage people I'd just stick with my first degree. I can turn the Associates into a Bachelors if I need to later on.
  5. by   RN2B25
    I'm so glad I found this forum. I'll be taking A&P 1 spring '08 as well. I applied for an ADN program for Fall '08. I'm planning to take A&P II and Microbiology in the summer. The summer classes are 6 weeks long...has anyone attempted to take any sciences during the summer... if so so do you have any pointers?

    Thanks for your help
  6. by   MotivatedOne
    I'm curious, what exactly is an ASN?
  7. by   SunsetLover
    RN2B25, you are lucky to be able to apply before taking A&P I!! :smiley_aa The program I am applying to requires it to be completed and have a grade before I can apply so I have to apply for Spring '09 since I can't apply until May.

    Yes, ADN is Associates Degree in Nursing and ASN is Associates of Science in Nursing. (Supposedly there is a difference?)
  8. by   PreRN Katie
    Hey RN2B25! I'm taking A&P 2 & Microbio over the summer too (God willing). We should be study buddies!
  9. by   RN2B25
    Sunsetlover...I know...Most programs that I looked into required that I take A&P I also, before applying. Not this program. I'm very nervous about it though because last year there were 500 applicants and only 70 got accepted. This year they plan on accepting 110. I'm just praying So you'll be taking A&P I in the spring?
  10. by   RN2B25
    PreRN Katie,

    That sounds great! I will need a study buddy for sure! How long will your summer classes be?
  11. by   AlishiaRN77
    Hey Ladies!
    I'm so glad to see more people joining us on here. Although I have some sad news..ugh!! I have been keeping track of the classes offered through the cc where i'm taking classes and the A&P 1 are all filled. waaaahhh!!!!!

    After seeing this, I just wanted to hide under a rock and cry. blah! But I told myself....don't give up, keep looking!! So I looked at a couple of the other CC's in the area and there is a class being offered in March'08 for A&P 1 at RSCC. I know that it's going to be an online class but I need to keep up with everything in order to be able to apply.

    I hope you all won't mind me checking in from time to time and continue posting on here even though I will be 2 months behind.

  12. by   PreRN Katie
    my summer classes should be approx. 8 weeks. sometimes they offer classes that are double the time that only last 4 weeks but that's a whole lot of learning in a very short amount of time. i don't have to take a&p as prereqs for 2 of the schools i'm applying to either, but they said it looks better on your application to have as many nursing prereqs as possible completed. hey, whatever can give us a competitive edge, right?

    i'm so sorry you didn't get into the class! keep trying! does your school do a drop/add week? if so a lot of times people get intimidated by the material at the last minute and drop the class leaving an open spot. even if you have to wait til march to take the class keep checking in on this thread, maybe it'll be easier to get through the class with a head start. good luck! :d
  13. by   Bree124
    Just wanted to say good luck to you! I am taking Anatomy right now, and yes it is hard, but if you have the mindset of being willing and ready to study hard, you'll do fine. Our class started with 80 and is down to 50, the professor said that they have a 50% drop rate by November. The people who aren't passing are the ones who don't take it seriously - everyone I know who is *really* trying has at least a high C. I have a high A, and several others in the class have A's as well. So it can be done, but really be prepared to work.