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I want to start a sticky A&P I Summer 2007 for those of us tackling it!:) I start in two weeks.. M-Th 3hours every morning!... Read More

  1. by   Cinqly
    Quote from NYC Nurse Wannabe
    I hear A&P 1 is so much memorization that it is almost a crime. lol.

    Ha....HAHAHA! I laugh in the face of crime!!!

    (I make fun but only because I went through the torture of learning all the bones and muscles in 4 days each...well, more like 2 for the bones and 3 for the muslces....:uhoh21: One more week and I'm done...!)
  2. by   NYC Nurse Wannabe
    Quote from RMETZ
    Hi all, this is my first post and I want you all to know your comments do really help me feel a little better. I've been out of school a long time and A&P and even microbiology are such a struggle for me. I study harder for this than anything I've ever studied for before but the amount I retain is miminal. You would have thought the school just might have required a little more medical pre-training before going into A&P. Being in construction doesn't exactly prepare you for this. In any case,I'll keep trucking on. I have to. It's one of the few goals I'm truley passionate about. Besides flash cards, any other memory aids,ideas? thanks, Rick
    Hang in there! Its tough. If there is such a shortage of nurses, why do they make it so dam hard? Maybe they only want the best, which is fine with me. I am taking A&P1 and English 201 this fall 2007. I just purchased the A&P coloring workbook from Barnes&Noble just to get a head start, and it's fantastic. I was once told by someone already taking A&P1, "don't try and memorize everything, try to figure out how everything is related and how/why each part functions and it shoud all make sense. I am going to take that advise and run with it. Stay in the game! Good luck.
  3. by   justme1972

    I finished my lab practical today, and I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

    Not sure if I'll get an A though...I"m right on the edge...but I know for a fact I at least got a B!!!

    WOO HOO!!!!
  4. by   avatar78
    Me too! I think I got an A but I really don't care at this point. I got Chinese food, took some Nyquil and slept for 10 hours before work. Life is good.
  5. by   summersent
    A's and B's are good and C's pass. I have 7 more classes until I'm done A&P 1. I still have an A average and hopefully I can hold on to it but seriously B's are great too and C's pass so its all good
  6. by   Cinqly
    One more week! Just 3 more tests....

    It is really stressful that we have two tests on July 5th, and a comprehensive lecture final on July 6th. Everyone in class has been mumbling that they don't like fireworks that much anyway.......

    How is everyone else doing?!?
  7. by   rjones522
    hi to all!!
    this is my first post, and i must say that i have enjoyed catching up and appreciate all the great pointers! i have 3 weeks left of a&p i and i can not wait to be finished! i made it through my firsst pactical with a b and am happy with that.

    i have to agree with the person that said to figure out how everything goes together and associate everything with something else, because that has seriously helped me to retain more information in such a short time.

    i also have the anatomy & physiology coloring workbook (princeton review) and it has definitely been a good study tool! i even made copies before coloring to make worksheets that i go do several times. it helped a lot.

    good luck to those that are hanging in there with me and congrats to those that have finished!
  8. by   Mommycakers
    I just had my last tests for Anatomy and Physiology today and I got an A for the course. Yeah!! I now can get some sleep. Tomorrow I plan on taking the kids to the free movies Regal has in the summer time so they can have some fun. Then I have to clean my house and do laundry tomorrow. What fun for me! It is pretty bad when the kids are asking you where their clothes are.

    I am then going to try to get a jump on Anatomy II which starts July 9th by starting the next chapter and lab this week. The instructor already put all the course work up on the website for us which is great. We do not have to wait for the info. to get a head start.
  9. by   Healer_at_Heart18
    Hi I'm doing A & P I online through a local cc and so far its been great. I only have to go in for a proctored Midterm and Final. I have an A in the class right now but it is very fast paced and of course tons of things to memorize. I'm spending between 8-10 hours/week working on this class. Good luck to everyone.
  10. by   KTPMaryland2
    Just finishing up A&P I tonight, I have my finals...then off to start A&P II on Monday, what a summer! But the ridiculously fast pace makes it fly by! 2 tests a week for five weeks is enough to make me want a margarita tonight after finals! Phew! Good luck to everyone...this class is a toughie - but hopefully you only have to do it once!
  11. by   Pneumothorax
    i cant wait for my a&p final on the 21st *sweet relief*
  12. by   summersent
    I have a lab practical this wednesday and then I have 1 more lab exam on monday then I'm DONE with A&P1. yay~! I have a A currently, I know I can keep it !
  13. by   Blove86
    I dont know about the rest of your guys, but A&P 1 has been an emotional rollercoster, as of now I have a C in the class, but if I get a B on this test on just took, and an A on the final I pull a B, which I can deal with. I turn 21 in a couple weeks, and when this class is over I going to buy myself a drink to toast success!