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I will be taking A&P I next semester when I come back from Christmas break for the Spring 2007 semester. I didn't know if someone was going to start a group or not, so I thought I would create a... Read More

  1. by   jmckeith
    Quote from BLONDIE1630
    HI! I am also new to this forum. I am taking A&P I this semester and really feel intimidated - it has been 10 years since I took any courses. I am really looking forward to becoming a nurse. I have decided to only take one class this semester - since it looks like a lot of studying will be needed. I welcome any and all study tips - I was an A student in High School, but never needed to study, and now I really don't know how to study.:spin:
    I finished A&P I last semester and I too have been away from the class room for a long time. What I did was to make lots of flash cards on muscles, bones, etc.

    Another thing that helped me was, I used a program I beleive comes with all window opersting systems. It's called the sound recorder and can be found by clicking start, all programs, accessories, entertainment, sound recorder. Once you go through this process you can save a link to your desktop.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I made sound files and saved them in my documents. I made a file in my documents called "A&P I". I would make sound study notes for each test unit, ie chapter, save them in my file, and when ready, burn these to a CD. I have a long comute to work; 40 minutes or so and I would listen to the cd's. It was like having free study time to me. PS, Got a 98 for the semester. PSS, I dropped out in the 9th grade. (late bloomer thang I guess)
  2. by   Nurse Allison
    great idea!
    i just purchased my books today too. $184.00 in the hole. luckily this will be the same book used for a&p ii. i also attended a 3 hour study skills course to prepare for a&p. she gave us the schpeel about mnemonics, flash cards, and other tricks for memorization. i'm a bit intimidated about this class. hope i can get through it. i think we're dissecting a pig and a cat in lab.
  3. by   RN2bemommyof3
    Quote from suburbanmom69
    Hi again everyone. I just purchased my books today and I swear they weight 25 lbs. So, I am curious. What is everyone dissecting? In my school we dissect cats. I personally would rather dissect cadavers than cats. I often prefer cats to humans. Also, is anyone in this group going to school in the Seattle area?

    Happy New Year to all!!

    I was just looking through my lab text book and it looks like we will be dissecting a rat, frog, cow eye, sheep brain, and a sheep heart.
    The eye is going to get me!
  4. by   opradiva
    Hello all!

    So happy to be a part of this thread. During registration there were no openings left for A and P, but, today I went in for late registration praying there would be an opening, anywhere, anytime...and there was. HOORAY! Today was the first day of class. I've been looking forward to taking this class. Seems like we will have a good time. I'm eager to read your experiences and to share mine. The books weigh a ton, so there's got to be plenty to learn. Take care all!
  5. by   crr277
    I purchased my books a couple of days ago and I'm excited and nervous at the same time! They are really heavy and came in this shrinkwrapped package with a couple of CD-ROMs, a book on "how to study for A&P" and a colorful reference book of bones, muscles, etc.
  6. by   libragirl
    Quote from suburbanmom69
    Wow!! Thanks everyone for the support and advice. I knew this would be a long process, but I get frustrated every now and then. I have finished all my pre-reqs except for anatomy (coming right up), physiology, and micro. After that I will probably need 3 months of volunteer time before I have enough points to get into the school I want. I had this great PLAN to finish right before I turned 40. However, things have not quite worked out the way I planned.

    Anyhow, it is great to find such a supportive place!

    I just wanted you to know that I will turn 39 this year and I still need a few more classes to even apply for the program. I had a plan as well about finishing before 40, but that is just a number and I know that we are all going to make it. Don't every look back once you have started forward. Good luck to all of you! Future Texas RN
  7. by   dwray
    I am starting AP II tomorrow...
    Keep in touch,
  8. by   newjack13
    I say yes to the stickey as A&P is crucial to the success of pre-nursing students like myself; alot of good can come from this. I will start A&P I in the summer, 2007 semester followed by A&P II and Micro in the fall to finish things up. My goal was to be a good student before taking these classes (organized, an efficient studier, etc) and I hope it pays off. I still worry about these classes though. Let's stick together through these unshure times. Thank God for all of you! ...newjack
  9. by   suburbanmom69
    Thanks, Libragirl. Life has gotten in the way of my finishing by 40, but you are right. It is just a number. Each semester I get a little closer. (I have 3 more prereqs before I can apply.) Anatomy starts tomorrow, and I am excited (albeit slightly nervous as well).

    Good luck everyone.


    p.s. Anyone, like me, taking anatomy and physio separately?
  10. by   Kensington
    Quote from suburbanmom69
    Thanks, Libragirl. Life has gotten in the way of my finishing by 40, but you are right. It is just a number. Each semester I get a little closer. (I have 3 more prereqs before I can apply.) Anatomy starts tomorrow, and I am excited (albeit slightly nervous as well).

    Good luck everyone.


    p.s. Anyone, like me, taking anatomy and physio separately?
    I'm taking it separately too, and I start on Thursday -- eek! :uhoh21:
  11. by   fiveofpeep
    So how was everyone's first day of anatomy? I take it from the lack of responses that you all are as freaked out as I am and have been studying all day.

    I cant believe how much work I have done! I think I did more work today than I did all last semester.

    My teacher by the way is an ecology major and this is her first teaching job. So we will have to see how this all works out.

    This morning I was freaking out because she sped through cell respiration, DNA translation and transcription, and I was so confused. After about 5 hours of studying, reading, and outlining I still dont know waht those things mean but I know alot of other things. If you know please explain tehe. My book glazes over it, as did the teacher, but apparently its on the test.

    Good luck everyone... Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to share my experience so you might as well.
  12. by   lostinparadise
    OMG it was soooo much !!!! I had lecture in the morning and we went over a couple of things, and we will actually have a quiz tomorrow !!
    Plus, the guy said his exams will be very difficult as they will be multiple choice and ALL of the answers will be right....we just have to pick the "best" one!!!!!! Thanks...
    Lab was nuts, we did sooo much and because there is no class next week we have to do all the work at home....
  13. by   pjgarrett1388
    Hey everyone I had my first day yesterday and I am glad that I was able to get the first class over with because I feel somewhat relieved. We went through notes and he gave us the reading we needed to do! We have four or five test throughout the semster and then the final! Each test covers 3 chapters which I was expecting to only have 2 test from talking to some of my friends who have alread taken Anatomy. I have my first lab tomorrow and will see how that goes. I think I was just very anxious to start school. My professor provides a great deal of resources to help us succeed in the class. He post study guides online for us along with reviews in class before each test.