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I will be taking A&P I next semester when I come back from Christmas break for the Spring 2007 semester. I didn't know if someone was going to start a group or not, so I thought I would create a... Read More

  1. by   Mom2J&B
    Hi all add me to the list as well. I am excited and nervous about going back to school since Igot my BA in 1985
  2. by   miranda819
    Hi! I too am taking A&P I Spring 2007. I'm pretty excited about it. I just finished my first Chem class. And I survied that and even got an A! If I could earn an A in Chem, I'm sure I can do well in A&P. I attempted to take A&P a while back, but it was online and I felt like I wasn't getting what I needed to out of it, so I dropped it.

    Good luck to everyone!

  3. by   missy6220
    Hi All...I too will be starting A&P 1 in January. I'm really nervous as this is my second attempt at getting my RN...during my first year in a 4 yr college program 95% of my nursing general bio class failed, me unfortunatly being one of them. The nursing dept would do nothing about the teacher and we were all thrown back a entire year to retake the class. At that point most of us ended up quitting school. I stuck it out for another year, then A&P came, I choked and quit school. I'm finally going back almost 7 years later and I'm looking forward to the support of this group cause this time I want to ace it. I know we can do it together.:typing
  4. by   doulalizzie
    Quote from ljohnsonjr
    And to the ladies with special needs children, add me to that list too I have 2 children with special needs. a 4 year old BOY with a rare genetic disorder 45xo,46xy mixed gonadal dysgenesis, he has had 5 surgeries and over 20 hospital stay sand attends a developmental pre-school.

    I also have a 2 year old with Pierre Robin Sequence and a Chiari malformation I, he has also had 5 surgeries including the brain surgery.

    Together we have had 10 surgeries, 18 specialists at Riley Hospital, 8 therapists, and well over 30 hospital stays. When my 4 year old was in the NICU, that is when I decided my degree in computer programming wasn't going to be put to use. I wanted to be a nurse. Finally 4 years later we are down to 8 doctors and 3 therapies a week, so I have time to be back in school!

    Hi Leanne,

    I am right there with you! My daughter has had many surgeries and hospital stays at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. I had a baby NICU experience most likely due to the fact that she was my first child and I felt totally out of control and therefore upset with the staff. It was very difficult being separated from her. Felt very unreal. My dream is become a RN and Lactation Consultant. So it's funny that I never wanted to see a NICU again after getting out and I'll probably be working there at some point in my life as my passion is to help Moms with Special Needs babies be able to breastfeed them. I pumped for my daughter as she could never latch and then ended up getting a g-tube but I truly believe my milk helped her immune system and to come as far as she has. I'm going to look up the sydromes for your children as I have never heard of them before. My daughter doesn't have a syndrome, she is supposedly the only person who has her exact combination of monosomy 6, trisomy 16. I'm looking forward to learning a lot in Anatomy this semester and from all the people on this list!
  5. by   c2003d
    Hello everyone Please count me in! I will be taking A&P 1 spring 2007 also, and this is the only class I am taking for the semester. Its going to be held on saturdays from 8am- 1:30p...I am a navy wife and sahm to my little one that will have her first b-day on the 29th of this month..
  6. by   snoozie64
    Hi c2003d,

    Great to have another navy family going through the rigors of pre-nursing courses! Good luck to you and happy birthday to your little one!

  7. by   mvanz9999
    Quote from mvanz9999
    I'm supposed to start right after Christmas. I'm still attempting to register at the horribly managed community college. Failing approval, I be stuck in Gen. Bio for 1 semester. My plan is, however, to take A&P starting January.

    Took a day off work and spent it in the admissions office. I'm IN A&P! Starting right after Christmas break.
  8. by   c2003d
    Thank you so much I am so glad that I found this site! It seems as if it will help me along the way
  9. by   bon jovi
    Count me too....I am taking A&P I and Developmental Psy (this one online). That is the only way for me to take an additional class with A&P, only if second class is online. I found to be much easier to get a good grade in competitive school. At BMCC we need all A's to get into program. Good luck....
  10. by   CRIMSON
    Hey, anyone at TJC in Tyler, Texas? I may be looking for a study/information partner.

    Somehow I feel this is going to be harder at 34. lol.....
  11. by   mozarkian
    Hello everyone, I too am enrolled in A&P I this semester along with Chemistry and Med. Terminology. I attended a junior college 20 years ago and am fortunate to have some of the prereq's out of the way, but am very nervous/excited about being back in the classroom.

    I'm starting all of this at 40 (41 on 6Jan) and look forward to getting through this process with all of you.
  12. by   kimi6294
    Quote from DigitalWanksta
    I will be taking A&P I next semester when I come back from Christmas break for the Spring 2007 semester. I didn't know if someone was going to start a group or not, so I thought I would create a thread to find those of us who have been "getting our feet wet" and are going to start into the fun stuff during the Spring 2007 semester. I look forward to seeing who all will be feeling my pain!

    Hi my name is Kim! I am taking A&P this semester and I am anxious, but nervous.
  13. by   booklovinrn
    Hi! I'm very nervous and excited to finally starting A & P I. I have prior degrees in business (BBA and MBA) which means I am pretty much starting from scratch with science courses. There is not an accelerated program at my area, so I'm taking pre-reqs at a local community school and then hope to get in at a 2 year BSN program. I'm also taking Chem 1 and Nutrition this semester so I will have my hands full. I really admire some of you with small children and those that work during this process. I'm 46 and have a daughter in college, a son in 6th grade and aging parents that I try and help with and that is about more than I can handle.
    I am scared about A & P. I signed up for the hardest teacher though because I've heard she really prepares you for nuring school. I hope I didn't make a mistake. I start Jan 8 and already have my books but it is very intimidating to look through.