A&P 1 and Intro to Psychology??

  1. i was just wondering hard is it to take a&p 1 and intro to psychology together? i'm taking those two classes next semester.
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  3. by   Love Coronado
    I am taking A&P 1 this spring but I took Psychology last summer. It was pretty easy, and interesting. I had a really great teacher, but it was only a 6 week class. We had tests every week. I got a B and really never studied that hard (since it was summer I took the kids to the beach every Wednesday, and that's where I would do my studying).
    I am taking Bio 120 (general Bio) and A&P 1 this spring, and I am confident that I can do it, so you can do A&P 1 and Psychology too!!!!!
  4. by   Dabuggy

    You should be able to take both together, but it will ruin your social life. Just to warn you. A+P I is like having two classes. There are a lot of terms to know, and body parts. It also depends on the instructor you get. I was lucky and my test came from his lectures.

    PSY, you will have a lot of terms also. It really depends on the student and how much the student can retain.

    Hey, check out this site "Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology", click on its web site.
    On the left will be "Student center" click on it
    A list of chapters will come up, Click on any that interest you.
    In each chapter on the left are four tests. 2 multiple choice and 2 true and false test. These will help you think about the questions. On the left is also a chapter review that is great help to review for this and when you have med surge or pathophysiology. Remember this site because it will help you.

    This should help you.

  5. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I think you can do it. I took Microbiology, Chemistry (which included inorganic, organic and bio-chem) and Human Life Span Development (a psych class) and I did fine. Basic Psych is pretty easy, you learn all the basics. I found it interesting. It could be just the right balance you need too a little science with Humanities. Not that A&P is a walk in the park but taking a study break from studying anatomy to write a Psych paper could be nice, and vice versa
  6. by   lisabeth
    That is what I took my first semester back, and made A's in both. It really wasnt bad at all because Psychology doesnt take that much time. I looked over it just a few minutes most days, and spent the rest of my time on A&P.
    You can do it. Good luck.
  7. by   MB37
    I have a degree in psych, and no, intro isn't hard. It may actually require more memorization than a more advanced psych class, especially if you are in a large lecture hall. Another poster mentoined writing a paper for psych - even at the very expensive private university I got my first degree at, there were no papers, no essays - just multiple choice tests. There could be at a smaller private school or a CC though, who knows? Taking it with A&P though? Absolutely more than doable. I am taking A&P I this semester with Life Cycle - a developmental psych class that I didn't take for my first psych degree. And I work 30 hours/wk, and have a husband to take care of. Not too tough, I'm getting A's in both. Time consuming though.
  8. by   Dabuggy
    I agree with no papers to write in PSY. I took pre-req's at two CC's and got into a program in a third, and none of them have papers to write. The reason I had to attend so many CC's is in my area of the country, the waiting list to get into a Nursing program is long. And trying to get into the pre-req's is difficult also. If you want it bad enough, you can do it.

  9. by   takapahaRN
    Quote from iwannabeababynurse
    i was just wondering hard is it to take a&p 1 and intro to psychology together? i'm taking those two classes next semester.
    i'm taking psychology, a&p1, algebra and english comp. so, i'd definitely say it is doable. you just have to learn to prioritize. i have 4 children and a husband and house to take care of. fortunately i do not work out of the home, or it would be impossible.
    best wishes!
  10. by   collegebound
    I am currently taking Intro to Psych and A&PII together and am doing well in both. I think this would be a very good combo for you to take together!!
  11. by   smk1
    I took A&P1, Spanish 101, and Medical terminology at the same time got 2 A's and a B+. Psych is reading intensive, but not difficult inmho. If you have a good memory and can retain what you have read fairly easily, and have the time available to read for both classes then you should be fine.
  12. by   BSNtobe2009
    The only thing that is hard about Psychology is so many of the terms are very, very similar and since it's behavior that is the distinctive difference, it's more abstract when you are dealing with the mind rather than something physical.

    Just remember the definitions, the theorists are EXTREMELY important, and know how to match what theory to which theorist, and you should be fine.
  13. by   Leeann337
    I'm currently taking A&P 1, Chemistry and Intro to Psych, working fulltime and maintaining a 4.0. It's stressful at times, but doable. Just looking forward to the END of the semester!
  14. by   Irene joy
    I'm taking intro to psych right now and yes, it's very easy. Try to take it on line it makes it evan easier, very doable.