2 sciences in one semester

  1. So I'm finishing up my 1st college semester well but I realized that I have to take 2 sciences a semester to graduate on time. I have to transfer out of community college in 2 years and be full time to keep my scholarship. So next semester I am taking A&P 1 and microbiology. Is this advisable or should I do another class combination? What have y'all experienced while taking 2 science courses?
    These are the sciences i need:
    - Chem 1 (+lab)
    - Chem 2 (+ lab)
    - A&P 1 (+lab)
    - A&P 2 (+ lab)
    - microbiology
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  3. by   nursetobequestionmark
    if there's a will, there's a way
  4. by   Glucagon
    It depends a bit on your strengths and the programs you are going to be applying to. Which type of science have you had previously? Which of them were you better at or know the most about already? For me (at least if I were back in time a bit after finishing high school) I'd do Chem and another science because I had Chem classes and would have less to memorize and learn. I also thought my Chem class way back when wasn't too bad on the amount of work.

    Then, what classes qualify as prereqs for your programs and do they look at overall gpa more or prereq gpa? If chem isn't a prereq (or at least both chems) I'd do one of those so if the load is too much, you can sacrifice the chem course and if not affect whatever helps you the most in your application.

    Either way, it's defintelu possible to do two science classes at once. A lot of people end up having to do it.
  5. by   Kotylynne
    You can absolutely do it.
    For me it has been sciences with psychology
    Next semester I will be taking a&p 2 with chemistry.
    Theres a lot of information but its nice when they compliment each other and they usually do from what I've read.
  6. by   araew2129
    I'd do A&P 1 with Chem 1. A&P 2 with Chem 2. And then Micro. I've done all my sciences 2 at a time so it is doable.
  7. by   RhandaH
    Im doing anatomy and physiology 2 and micro next semester with labs. But i hear those two classes go hand in hand.
  8. by   LubbDubb77
    Any combination will be tough. Having gone through all of them...I personally would take A&P 1 with Chem. Then, A&P 2 with Micro <~~~ I feel like these have similar lectures and sort of compliment eachother in a way, which if anything might make it easier on you trying to take in the info. They both go over immuinty, cell cycle, dna replication - that sort of thing. That's what'd I would do!