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Hi All! I peeked and didn't see a thread for those of us brave souls attempting micro this summer so I thought I would just start one! :spin: My class starts July 2nd, but I'm already getting a... Read More

  1. by   supermo
    It's all over but the crying. I had a 4 week intensive online Micro that will finish on Monday with our cumulative final. Yay.
    There is only one Micro instructor at our school and we have been hearing the horror stories for 2 years. There is a 8:40 lab class and a 10:00 lab class and there are about 16 of my classmates taking it (monday-friday). This was the absolutely last semester that we could take it. We have all been dreading it. We now know why.

    Anyone ever heard of subjective testing? She is the inventor. She only tests you on the material that she includes in her lectures. Sounds easy, right? It would be if they were multiple choice tests. She has fill in the blanks ("if you can't spell it, you don't know it"), essay, 2-3 multiple-multiple choice, 2-3 matching, and the lovely 'draw and label _________' questions.
    Still doesn't sound too bad, she gives us the info for chrissakes. Well, I didn't think I had a care in the world after the first exam. That is until I received my grade. I actually emailed her and asked if it was on a 100 point scale! When I went to her office to go over it, I had several fill in the blank questions that she said I didn't give enough information for. For example, there was only one short line, so I gave one of three possible answers. (I had taken the lab examm just before the lecture exam and she made it clear that she does not like extraneous information and that she makes the lines short so that we won't write more information than she wants. "Keep it simple") When I asked her why there weren't 3 lines if she wanted all 3 answers, she said that I should have asked her during the test. Okay.
    Flip side, there were several essay questions that I had points taken off for writing too much information. The information was correct, just more than what she was looking for. Oh for Pete's sake.
    Then there are the questions that she wanted specific words but the questions are ambiguous. I can't remember the specific question but the answers that most people put were anabolic and catabolic. They were correct answers to the question. She specifically wanted dehydration and hydrolysis.
    She was very flippant about our concern over our grades, she said, "Now you know how I test, consider that one a practice." Our lowest exam gets replaced with our final grade (counts twice). That's all fine and good but I enjoy the cushion I give myself in my classes, to have it stripped away on the very first exam sux.

    Wow, I'm ranting again. Second time tonight, sorry!!

    I must admit that on every test since that one I ask her every little thing that seems the slightest bit ambiguous. She said to ask her, I do.

    Good luck to all of you, study smart, not hard. This class is still waaaay easier than the NUR classes.
  2. by   JakeyWakey
    Looks like I got lucky! My micro professor is hilarious! Makes class fun, and he really knows his stuff! He told us he writes notoriously hard tests tho.... ekk.. we'll see how I do..
  3. by   pharmtech2rn
    microbio/lab, chem 2/lab, immunology and med terminology till july 16th then starting july 17th A&P2/lab plus working as a pharm tech. good times! but microbio is by FAR my fav class! love it!
  4. by   pug540
    Quote from JakeyWakey
    Looks like I got lucky! My micro professor is hilarious! Makes class fun, and he really knows his stuff! He told us he writes notoriously hard tests tho.... ekk.. we'll see how I do..
    OMG...I think I'm in your class! Chris Friel at WCC?
  5. by   JakeyWakey
    Quote from pug540
    OMG...I think I'm in your class! Chris Friel at WCC?
    OMG! Yes!!!!! Who are you?!?
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    My micro class is over next week. We are working on our unknowns in lab this week. I think I finally have mine isolated, but sheesh, this is nerve-wracking.
  7. by   whisperingechos2
    I'm taking Micro this summer too. I have the class every 2 weeks or so on Sundays. I have to sit there from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. It definitely is something else, but i'm glad i'm getting it out of the way. 3 more classes left
  8. by   PhilGN
    My school doesn't offer general microbiology in the summer, so I have to take the 1 unit less Medical Microbiology. It's monday to thursday from 9:30 to 3:30. The only thing that kinda sucks is that I had a nursing student tell me that the only reason you need to take microbiology is so you know why to wash your hands, and that it isn't that important. Have any of you heard anything else like this, or how applicable the class is? I'm kinda interested in public health nursing, so I figured it would help with that.
  9. by   JaxiaKiley
    We are covering a lot of stuff in my micro lecture that we covered in A&P. In lab, we are learning to handle pathogens and run tests on them.
  10. by   2bnurseforce1
    Hello all, i hope your micro classes are going well i am not doing so good right now i have a test tomorrow and i have studied my butt off so hopefully it will all pay off. Everyone please keep me in your prayers as i would do the same for you. wish me luck.
  11. by   samclaug
    I have a test tomorrow too in my lecture portion and I already had a lab test yesterday. Summer session is just crazy!
    Good Luck on you test tomorrow butterfly82!!!!
  12. by   MelanyJ
    Hi All!
    Sorry I have been MIA! I had relocate this summer so things are crazy to say the least! We have our first test tomorrow and I am SO NERVOUS:uhoh21:!!! It is not multiple choice! It's a mix of essay and fill in the blanks!!!!!!!! Our teacher bases like 90% of our grade on test scores so I am terrified to say the least! LOL I should probably go study. I am wishing all of you the best of luck! Some of you are probably getting pretty close to being finished?(if so, YEY for you!) I still have month! Geesh!
  13. by   2bnurseforce1
    Hi guys, wow i haven't been here in a while. the summer semester has been crazy to say the least. However to give a quick update the last test i took last week i got a 91, an the lab quiz I got a 93. So, so far so good. . I only have about 3 weeks of class left so wish me luck guys. I wish you all the best of luck.