? about the "letter"

  1. Just curious... (I have a while before I will even apply for mine).... when you do get the letter... if you are accepted is it usually a large packet and if not just a denial letter???

    Just wondering what I will be looking for next year....

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  3. by   slou!
    I applied to 3 different schools, got accepted to all of them, and got 2 big packets, and one just regular envelope. When I saw the regular size envelope I got discouraged, but I was accepted! My best friend called me one day crying saying she didn't get into the college she wanted. I asked her if the letter said anything about being wait listed or anything and she said, "I don't know, I didn't even open it, it's in an envelope and they come in large envelopes if you are accepted" I said, "WHAT?! I got an acceptance letter in a regular sized envelope!" Well it turns out that she actually did got accepted, now we all make fun of her for it! So, be on the look out for about anything! Good luck
  4. by   carolinapooh
    I got all my acceptance letters in regular business envelopes, and actually my initial acceptance to Duke came as, of all things, a preliminary email - which threw me for a complete loop. I think some schools try to save money nowadays by sending out letters in envelopes as single sheets of paper, in case some people turn down the slot. I'm sure it's cheaper that way.
  5. by   smattles1of2
    My acceptance letter came in a large manilla envelope. It also included a map of the school, a list of important numbers, school calendar, info on orientation.
  6. by   luvmy3kids
    Thanks everyone.... Congrats to all of you!!!
  7. by   SummerGarden
    Mine is thin!!! I suspect that the two orientations I have to attend before my class begins in January of 07 will include a packet. Good luck. :wink2:
  8. by   Jilaweez
    Mine is thin also. I have to send in my letter of intent, at which time they send a big packet full of info.
  9. by   Megsd
    Mine was thin, which was devastating. My letter also started with "Thank you for your interest in our program" which was also devastating.

    Then later in the letter it actually said I got in. I guess they didn't want to waste paper on people who weren't interested, so I had to mail back an acceptance from my letter and THEN got the big manilla envelope with info in it.

    So don't cry when you see the little envelope!
  10. by   JaxiaKiley
    Yep, I think it just depends on the program. Do you know anyone in the program you want to get into? It might help to ask someone who has already gone through the application process.
  11. by   Kathyz
    My acceptance was a big packet. The second school I'm waiting to hear from also sends big packets.

    Good luck!