Pre-nursing for another year *sigh*


well... it is official. i got my "sorry there were not enough slots this year" letter in the mail today. i kinda expected it but it still stung a little. this will give me enough time to complete all of the general ed classes in the program though so that when i do enter it i will have nothing but nursing classes to take.

guess i am a little bummed but all in all i think it is for the better..


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Sorry to hear that. I had all the classes complete when I took nursing too, and that is indeed a very good way to go.

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So sorry! :(

I plan on having all of my prereqs & non-nursing courses complete before I apply. I figured nursing school will be such a strain as it is, why add other burdens?

Good luck for the next application time! :)

The same thing happened to me last year. but ya know what? I am grateful it did. it gave me a chance to finish all my gen eds and RN prereqs. So know I can focus on the nursing part of it. I was so bummed at first, but now I am happy it happened this way. I have so many friends that had to take a year of prereqs between LPN and RN, or are taking these courses with the program. they said it is hard. So hang in there, take those other classes, and your time will come. When it does you will probably have less to complete then others. HUUUGGGSSS!!!


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sorry to hear that and I wish you the best luck in your decision, what do you know it will already be next year because time just goes that fast.



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It could be worse.

At my school you have to finish everything before you're accepted, and then you have wait another year or more.


I'm sorry! I thought I was going to start my clinicals in Sept. ''s going to have to be delayed a year. I just started school again this year, so I don't think I'll be able to fit in all my pre-reqs. It should be better this way, well it better be. :angryfire


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thanks guys!

i have pretty much gotten over it. i kinda knew that i didnt stand a chance so it made it easier... that and the fact that really did not even intend to apply until next year but the head of the nursing dept told me to give it a shot and see what happens.... so not getting in really didnt set me back too much it just was seeing the "you failed to accumulate enough points" in print that kinda stung. i have put a lot of hard work into school and trying to get things to go right again and the whole "you failed" wording hit a sore spot.

another thing that really helped cheer me up was thinking how much it would have cost me this fall to go to nursing school and having been out of work for 8 mos after my knee surgery it was going to mean pulling pennies out from between the couch cushions to pay for it! lol... now i can save up so that i will hopefully not have to work much while in school and can buy all the neat toys i want when i get there (the steth, bp cuff, etc that are a little more "elegant" than the standard required ones).

thanks again guys... talk about a supportive group that you can just vent to when you need to!!



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I haven't gotten accepted yet either. I'm still waiting. Lord, am I waiting!! LOL!! I have applied for the third time this time. I firmly believe that when the time is right...we will get in. I trust the plan that is in motion for my life. I don't know what's coming around the corner but the One who does knows the timing. I was soooo crushed that I didn't get in last fall. My husband was in a serious accident in November that laid him up for four months. THANK GOD I wasn't in nursing school!!! We certainly didn't see that coming. I know that I"m supposed to be a nurse. I've known it since I was small. We just have to keep our chins up and keep moving forward. Our time is coming!!!

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