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I wasn't sure where to place my topic so, I placed it here..sorry if it's the wrong spot.

So, my question is how long it will take for the Norco to clear up from your system? I had taken 2 doses of Norco 10/325 mg (total of 4 tabs) back in Mid-june of this year (5 mos ago) for pain. It was prescribed to me months before for a different reason than what I took it for...

Now, I'm going for drug testing and I'm worried that it will show up and ruin my life...

Should I worry or am I just paranoid?

Any response is appreciated!!


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If you have a non-expired script for it, it won't matter if it shows up. If it's prn for pain and months old you're fine. If it says "take 1 every 4 hours for 10 days" you might have a problem

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The only drug that stays in your system beyond a few days is pot. If you are a heavy user of weed, it can be detectable for up to a month.

Do a google search, there are plenty of people trying to avoid detection that have lots of info.

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Are you a student or a nurse? If so, you should already know about drug half-lives. With that knowledge, you should be able to answer your own question (hint: it takes 5 half-lives to be about 97% out of your system).


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You took it in June. It's now November. You're clear.