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I have only been a school nurse for this year. My background is in ER. I wanted to pick some of your brains about a topic that I want to bring up to my 5th graders who take ADD/ADHD medications here in my office.

Do you make your students state their name every time before you give their med? I haven't since I only have 2 children on ADHD meds and know them well. I think I should have started this at the beginning of the year. I will next year for sure.

I also want to have a conversation with them about taking ONLY medication that is for them. (this isn't in the school setting, just a life-lesson) I just don't want it to sound "preachy." Prescription med abuse is a huge problem with pre-teens and teens right now (I also work in an ER and see this often). I am not their parent but I want to instill in them to never take anyone else's medication.

Has anyone done any education on this topic to this age group? 4th and 5th grade seems like a good age to have the conversation.

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i don't at the moment, only because i am familiar with my students. When I'm in a situation where I'm unfamiliar with the student, I not only make them state their name, but I also name them give me their street address, since it's printed on the pharmacy label.


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I get them to state their name because I have seven schools and sadly don't get to know them very well. Even when I do know them, I like that double check system. It's just a good habit I want to keep of checking the written order, the pill bottle and then have the student confirm the name. I haven't thought about educating about not sharing meds, but I do have them look at the pill and ask them if it looks the same. Just kind of teaching them to be aware of what they take.

I don't but that's only because I am in a very small school so I know everyone and there are not a lot of kids getting daily meds right now.

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I don't because I only have 2 and know them both would not be a bad idea though. You can never be too safe.

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